Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

For the last 3 years I have worked black Friday. I am so thankful that I have a job right now that can help provide and that gets me out of the house a little bit. Though I am sad to say, I am sad that people are so mean and rude. Is a good deal really enough to make you not be nice any more. The first dude I checked out today 542 bucks worth of 2 dollar movies. FOR REAL.. What are you gonna do with that many movies.

There were no brush at deaths and just a few bad names exchanged and my register broken by a disgruntled customer but I survived and was overly NOT interested in one item. If I had a little 3 year old girl I would have been all over those cute dress up clothes.

The rest of the day was great. I got home in time to play with Tyler, lay down for a nap ( thank you baby) and put in a Turkey. It was cooking for a fun filled afternoon of nieces and nephews running all over my house!

My brother and his wife surprised everyone with a trip to Utah for the holidays. I am so glad they came. I have not really "met" Max but a brief dinner when we moved. Overall we have both been in a different state and we have 4 year old ( or almost 4) and yet we have not been able to be together.

I was privileged enough to take their photos and we tried SUPER hard to get one of all the grand kids and grandma and Grandpa. Sadly, we had a sad Tyler so the grand kid picture didn't really work so hot BUT we got a few pictures of all of the kids with Nicky, with grandparents, and just cute cute ones all together. They will be coming up.

We had a little turkey dinner at the house and we went on up to Salt Lake and had a family swim party. Ty and Morgan were so cute. Morgan had her own fan club and she was happy to oblige him! I wish they lived closer :(

We left as grandma and Grandpa were in tears because the brief time everyone was together was over. The look on Max's face was so sad as he was getting out. He is so sweet. I want to keep him. He was getting out of the pool and he smiled at me and said " I love you" and I got a sweet hug. Ty kept waving at him and Lexi and Morgan just look at each other. I hoped I would get to spend some time with their mom but maybe next time.

I want to go see them :) and I want them to live here with us :)

I forget that though family times are overwhelming and crazy! They are full of little kids being connected and LOVING it. I remember my cousins and how much I loved them. I can't wait for that same feeling to happen to my kids.
I can't wait to show you the cute photos I have of these Sweet kids.

Thanks for a great afternoon. Family... and Thanks mom for giving me brother and sisters.

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Amber said...

Robin agrees with you, working Black Friday stincks!!! She had SOOO MANY rude customers and of course the managers always took the customers side. Robin was SOOOO stressed when she got home. She swares this is the last Black Friday she will be at Kohls, she has been saying that for 6 years.

I am so glad you had a wonderful time with your family!!! I hope you get to see them more often like you want to. SLY!!!!