Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some randomness from the Brown house

Random #1: So last weekend we went to the EC. We have found out, by default, that our child will not eat just any burger. He will only eat ( and REALLY eat) a burger king burger. Yes.. I know. We must be the parents of the year. We are.. I swear! I found a burger king not so far from our house and thought that right after school we could start down. Well, he LOVED his burger and we had a blast.

He was telling me that he was Tyler. He is getting pretty good at telling us and signing to us who everyone is. He even knows when you ask who is Tyler's mom and who is Tyler's dad.

Random #2: We got Tyler a costume for Halloween. It came in the mail. He really likes the fishing pole ( with a fake fish) and the hat. Yes I said he likes the hat. He is so funny with it!
Random #3 So Shriner's rock and we really really love that place. But frankly, even being a really cool place it is still full of Docs and nurses we still can't help but freak out a little bit. Here is us just "waiting." Funny thing, the doc was in the room asking him to do things and he just ignored him. He ignored him so well that the doc pulled out the big guns. A sucker.

Here is Tyler Ignoring whoever was in the room! Cute huh.

Random #4 Ty likes to go to raves put on by his mom and dad and Aunti Sheena. At the end of the day we break out the lights and he goes nuts. I love Halloween for the fact of the matter that that they are on sale and I can buy ALOT of them for future nights of raves!

Random #4:Dear arizona people who read my blog. This photo is for those of you that dont know about winter.. or really like the look.

Random #5: So for those who have not been told that I am currently sellin Scentsy candles be for warned.

This is what I have been up to
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they turned into this

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That turned into THIS! <span class=
So I am open for basket parties. We have having one in Orangeville with Robyn Rowley. In about 2 weeks the basket will be back and I am taking names for who wants it next.

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