Thursday, October 15, 2009


Individualized Education Plan. That is what IEP stands for. If you google it you might find answers that involved a * small* amount of anxiety for a parent. As one site says that IEP's are "rarely" pleasant. Makes you want to sign up and get one huh!

We had Tyler's annual IEP for school on Wednesday. I can honestly say it wasn't so bad. It definitely wasn't the most pleasant thing but it was better than the flu shot or the flu!

Dallas went with me and we met in the office with a lady from the district, the speech lady, OT, Vision and another lady. I don't remember what the other lady was nor what she did but frankly I kinda didn't like her much .

Though the goals are pretty straight forward and I think he is already meeting some of them and or WILL met them pretty quick it was nice to hear that he is participating in class. It is also funny to hear them try to nicely put that he is stubborn and if it is hard for him he will " try" it once and then say he is done. Or that unless it is his idea he doesn't want to do it.

It was nice to feel like when I had a concern it was valid and it was listened to. Except by the lady that I didn't like much. ( I think we name her Helga!)

Some goals we will be trying to reach in speech include using pecs, signs and sounds and to get him to verbalize as much as possible AND to sign and pecs several words together. PECS is a picture exchange system. While we have tried PECS in the past what tends to happen is he uses the picture, finds a gesture that will work or a modified sign and then the PEC gets thrown out the window. Which is technically the order of things but we need him to get the signs down and not just approximations. BUT they are coming.

One thing we suggested was really focusing on the SOUNDS that the letters make. And we have really been working on them at home as well. If we can get first sounds then maybe soon we can get first sounds and follow with second sound.

OT really wants to work on some vertical lines, circles and stringing beads and cutting. Apparently he can cut with modified scissors and cut using big fat kid scissors so we are on the right track. they weren't sure he knew how to identify objects, like circles, triangles etc. That is when we were able to explain that he can identify things like hearts, diamonds, squares, circles, triangles etc. which is awesome since he can't say them. and apparently draw them

Vision is trying to increase what they do know he has and get him more acclimated to school and his surrounds. Helga kept pipping in and saying that Ty should use canes and crutches to better get around .I told her we had a walker but he chooses not to use it. It is OFFERED to him every day as a way for him to get around. He stands at it and says no no and pushes it back against the wall. I explained nicely to Helga but she didn't want to listen so I stopped trying to get her to listen.

We brain stormed ideas and ways to get Tyler motivated to do certain things. They were enthralled at Tyler book collection that is found in my bag and was pleasantly surprised that he can do and tell you so many more things than first anticipated.

Over all a few sentences and suggestions were made, and a suggestion to the nice bus lady to please stop pulling my kids arms out of his socket and allow him the same respect as typical kids to walk up the stairs and get help on the seat.

Ty is going to do well in school this year. I can feel it. Dallas and I are always asking him to say letter sounds and repeat things. Sometimes we get no but mostly we get trying. It is going to be a year of very involved parenting, very involved CP docs, teachers, therapist and mostly we need a very involved extended family to help us.

I guess that is my plea with the IEP , Extended family PLEASE come and help us get him up to where he is suppose to be. Help us teach you what he does, how he can communicate, get him communicating with you and so YOU understand and HE understands. PLEASE


Grandma Labrum said...

IEPs aren't always fun for the teachers, especially if it is the first one because we are telling parents that their child has problems that need to be addressed. After that, we can just look at the goals and see if they are being met. If the parents are helping, the goals are usually met. If not, parents don't like to hear it.

The Henrys said...

I'm glad to hear that your IEP went well, and that there was only one mean person there. It is a wonderful thing when the schools do what they are supposed to do.

Congrats on doing such a good job with Tyler. He is an amazing boy and you two are good parents!

April Stutzman said...

It sounds like Ty has so many people, that are on board, to make sure that his goals are being met. I know that as a parent your job is the HARDEST! You are in charge of getting all of the docs, therapists, teachers, family, friends, etc. on the same page. It is a tough and thank-less job. It is also a very rewarding job. Soon you will look back at this IEP and say "Yes! We did it! Ty did it!" You will be so proud! And at the same time you would like Ty to have a normal happy childhood. I know just how you feel. Hang in there. You can do this for him. I am so proud of you. hugs