Thursday, September 10, 2009

Greek Festival and school

Tyler is doing OH so much better now that school has started. He goes in the morning and he is done just after 12. He comes out jabbering and yesterday had a HUGE meltdown when they stopped singing cause he wanted more.

I am a little disappointed that they don't have a PT at the school but us a PE instructor. I need to get more info on it before I am totally sold on the idea. The rest he gets once a week. They spend the whole day in the classroom with them.

He has worn his braces every day. At least the SMO part. Next week we will transition 2 days a week with ALL the braces but he will need his walker to go to school with him. He sometimes has a hard time keeping up with the kids when they walk into the school because he needs a hand to hold on to instead of just the rope. Today was the first day that there was actually tears shed when I dropped him off.

While we were out tonight the transportation guy called and tomorrow will be the first day of pick up. Because Ty has special needs he will be picked up 2 days a week right outside the door and 2 days a week across the street with the little girl that goes. I think Ty will like the bus I just hope the change of drivers and a new city won't cause some issues. Guess tomorrow we will see. And tomorrow is the first day since we moved in I actually have to set an alarm to get us UP to get the bus.

I also started school yesterday. It is just a course to get a national certification to do phlebotomy ( drawing blood) so I can get a job with IHC or another medical group to get some decent insurance. With Dallas home Ty is well taken care of and we are hoping just for part time. There are a few openings and some really amazing home town friends have had some great contacts for jobs. ( thanks Shannon!)

I go 3 days a week so tomorrow I am back to the grind of school. Tonight though was a relaxing fun and smiling night with Dallas. We REALLY needed a break and his sister was SO kind to come and sit for us. She did amazing and it was well worth it for us! So sad we missed Kelsey sitting but so glad we had an awesome AUNT that would be willing. ( and i know you would be willing Nicky!)

We were able to attend the Greek festival in Salt Lake and we are taking Ty on Saturday. We just hope the music isn't quite as loud OR we can get to the quiet private area in the building. It would be so much better for him! Guess we will see!

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Melissa said...

I am so happy that things are going well for Tyler. It's so hard to make new and big transitions. But if he is doing OK so far, that is a good sign. I am happy to hear you and Dallas got out. That is such a hard thing for some of us parents. I hope the move has gone well... post pictures of your new house!