Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back Among the living

We made it back to UTAH! After a 2 day grueling drive we pulled into Lehi about 1:30 pm on Tuesday. We have been without Internet ( other than our Iphones) for a few days and today some mega fast comcast was hooked up. HOORAY!

So here is the travel log for Posterity:

Saturday during the day Dallas was not feeling so hot. He had pulled his back while trying to get our move going and we decided it would be in every one's best interest to check into plane tickets. We checked on line and we figured we would be buying at least one ticket because Dallas had a round trip with rewards. Found out that it covered both tickets and the boys flew to Utah Sunday morning for $5.

My dad was amazing enough to come to my rescue and help us drive back the moving truck. We had planned to have him drive the truck and Nicky go from car to car to keep Ty and everyone happy. I was extremely NERVOUS. Like I had a stomach ache for a month. The idea of keeping Tyler entertained and not screaming for 12 + hours was enough to make me sick.

Anyway, the flight for the boys took off Sunday morning at 11:30 and Aunt Nicky flew in to help drive at 11:40. So she missed them by a few minutes. Dallas said Ty did awesome. So my anxiety disappeared quick.

Because they had to get there early on Sunday I had an hour to waste. My dad and the people I hired to help clean had my house empty and cleaned almost entirely by the time I got back to the house. Which was amazingly NICE! And a special THANK YOU to Corrine and her Hubby. They wouldn't take any money. ( Neither would Kelsey but I forced her!)

Monday I ran a few errands and waited for the carpet people. They missed their appointment so we got a later than we had hoped start. We started about 10:30 am. Some how we got separated ( OK, we know how we got separated) Thanks to google maps and my dads GPS they took the i-10 route and I took the 101 route. I ended up passing them up at some point so we played catch up and drove for 6 LONG LONG LONG hours to Kanab.

We stayed in Kanab and had the most uneventful trip from Kanab to Lehi. It took about 4 hours. It was sad to see so much of the country side on fire.

We meet up with Dallas and Tyler at the new house. Dallas friend Ryan ( amazing person... I might add) and Scot came to help us move in. His dad helped as well. The other people that were coming all had the flu. Apparently on Sunday someone had a flu bug and gave everyone ( except Dallas and Tyler THANK GOODNESS) the pukes.

So now we are amidst boxes and unpacking. Tyler is adjusting ok as long as no one he doesn't know is in our house. He can't spend HOURS in the pool because the water is cold. This morning we watched all our neighbors get their kids on the bus and talked to the people across the street who send their kiddo to the special needs preschool to get an idea of what we are looking at. We heard some sprinklers go off so Ty and I took a walk.

I didn't think he would like the sprinklers but I was wrong. He loved them. In his PJ's Ty was out in someone else's driveway getting wet. He loved it. I got some pictures and will have to post them a little later.

We have been getting each room done one box at a time. we got our living room all set up. We also have a family room that is separate. We are using our loft as a playroom of sorts for Tyler. It has his TV set up and we finally this afternoon got around to getting his ball pit and books out. A few more boxes and we will have his whole set of toys for him to throw.

He is really liking having the steps. Sadly they are so novel for him that EVERYTHING to the bottom. We haven't had any falls yet.

The first line of business to get the house a little more "Tyler" Friendly is to get new door handles. He can't turn the actual knobs but can get the levers open. Its not safe for him to not be able to get out. Plus it hinders him.

We are super happy and tired and full of boxes. A few more days.


Melissa said...

So happy to hear you have made in here to Utah! I can't wait to see pictures of your new house! I wish the best for Tyler in this transition. We all know how hard it can be.

Jen said...

So happy you made it safe!! Can't wait to hang out! We've stayed away as I have a sick kid and don't wanna expose Ty to that. I'm supposed to run up in Logan this weekend. . . but we'll get together soon :D

Angie said...

Glad to hear you made it here safely. I loved the story about Tyler and the sprinklers. Wouldn't I have loved to be the neighbor watching that! Keep me posted on the preschool you are going to take Tyler to. I'll be anxious to hear about the updates.