Saturday, September 13, 2008

Do's, Day Labor and Dinner

Things have been going OK today. Dallas needed to get out of the house and headed out on a little road trip. He found a little lake and fun place to play that we might just have to try out. He enjoyed the time out and me and Ty kinda just hung out at home.

Dallas wasn't gone to long when he called to see if I was "decent." I informed him I was and he told me he was on his way home after he stopped at the circle k in the next town down to pick up a day laborer. We had kinda joked about it before and even had talked about him getting one to pull the weeds in the yard ( they tend to be gone one day and back the next in full force... thicker and darker than the last ones) and with the week that we have had we were not in the mood to go out and deal with pesticides, Tyler and pulling them.

I kinda laughed and waited for him to get home. For those that don't know about Day laborers let me tell you what it is like. Every day and in random places through out the city you can be driving down the street and see a bunch of immigrants ( usually illegal and from Mexico) standing on the side of the road. Some of them have lunch boxes, all have water and they are waiting for someone to stop and offer them some kind of work. Some don't ever get picked up but they wait. I feel bad for them but they can't get work legally. Those who know Dallas and his opinion and thoughts about illegal immigrants can also find this almost as funny as I did.

As he got home he had me open the door in the back and sure enough his day laborer was there. I have NO idea how these two communicated because D speaks NO Spanish other than the normal "make fun of Spanish" that most know. I was half tempted to try and help with the translating but left the directing to Dallas. I did sneak in a few photos. They are NOT great ones but I didn't want him to get scared that we were connected to INS.

He was a wonderful worker and we made sure that we paid him VERY well for his service. He was working for about an hour. Dallas took him back to the circle k. I do hope that his family is taken care of. ( as much as I am not cool with the idea of illegal immigration, I do have respect for those who work hard for their income and are able to feed their family regardless of their citizenship)

When Dallas got home I asked him to help me "fix" the hair cut from Dr. Elton. I got out the clippers and we set out trying to distract Tyler enough to cut his hair. It was a disaster. So instead of being gentle with it and wait for him to be OK with it I just went at it. I got all the front done and he was NOT having me do the back. We had to stop for a bit and wait for him to calm down then we went at it again. I was so glad that we got it done. Ty spent the rest of the afternoon rubbing on his head. There are a few places that have LONG hairs and what not but overall it looks much better.

The one bad thing about having Tyler so bald is that you can see EVERY scar that he has on his head. It makes him even more amazing to me!

Dallas decided to shave off his hair as well so both him and Tyler are sporting the super bald look. I was a bit jealous so I decided to go and fix the mess that I had with my new hair cut. All of us look nice and cleaned up.

Dallas took us all out to dinner at red lobster with my birthday gift cards and I was able to enjoy a lovely night of endless shrimp. Tyler showed us who's kid he REALLY was and ate TONS of my shrimp scampi. He was a wonderful kid.

He is doing very well and we are so proud of him.


Aunt Nicky said...

I'm glad you paid the mexican good. I know you guys had a busy week. I know what you mean when you say having Ty bald shows off every scar. I noticed that in the pictures. BUT, Ty's hair does grow fast. When you said you went and fixed your hair, I hope you didn't shave your head. That would be funny if all 3 of you were walking around bald! Did Tyler tell you "momma no no no"

Sarah M. said...

I know exactly what you mean, I always feel conflicted on the day laborers too. LOL

I am so glad Tyler is doing so well!!!

Jen said...

Oh, those pictures of Ty are just so cute! I'm glad you were able to go out and have a yummy dinner! YAY! Good luck this week with all you have to do!!

Andrea, Mrs. said...