Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Sad Good bye.....

This has been quite a week and I realized that I haven't blogged any of it. Sorry "avid" reader(s) (aka Tammy, mom and Nicky!!)

Friday we ( me and Tyler's "team" of special educators) sat down and made goals for Tyler and his first year of preschool. This was a such a HUGE day for me. It made me realize that we were no longer in the birth to three ( aka early intervention) program. That we had gotten a step closer to growing up and becoming the "big boy" that he is. The Independence is going to be great for him and hopefully will be a positive step for Tyler ( and for mom.)

Monday was the last day for Tyler's first "school." It was a bitter sweet moment and provided me with some much needed closure to move on to the next step.

In Utah we have a program called PIP. It is a program run by the deaf and blind school. We had a wonderful therapist named Aften, who we think of often and LOVED her, and she would come and visit and work at getting Tyler's eyes working to the best of their ability.

When we moved I was so sad to leave her in Utah but she didn't want to move with us. I contacted all I could find about a PIP program here and found a wonderful infant program. They had a "school" on Mondays and a parent support group. I had not found a "support group" here in the valley yet and was so thankful that I had this group.

Over the past year and a half we have had a therapist come to our home once a week and she has been fabulous as well. Her name is Martha and she has been such a wonderful person and has worked so hard at getting Tyler where he need to be. This was a hard break for us.

During the summer a lot of changes happened at the foundation and lots of things changed. It was nice to go and enjoy the music therapy and the play with other kids and then have the parent group. It was nice to see that we have outgrown some of the "kid" issues and have moved on to big boy stuff. We will miss all of our friends and can't wait to keep in touch with them!!

Here is our last Day at the foundation:
Tyler playing with the ball! I know.. Not Tyler to be throwing a ball!
Ty outside with Martha. Its not a great picture because I was trying to stay out of his sight and get some photos without mom and with Martha. Shortly after this photo he saw me and ended up in the parent meeting.

A special and sad Goodbye and thank you to Martha for all she has done. She is so supportive of everything we have done. She was a big part of Ty's team and she was such a huge assets to me as a mom. She had many good opinions and was always willing to help in any way possible.

Ty's last "session" with Martha on Tuesday

All in all it was a wonderful program and hope that the current FBC goers are learning and feeling like we did. We LOVE the FBC and are so glad to have gotten the chance to be a part of the infant program. We look forward to the next three years and getting through the preschool program and getting the information we can from you..

Good bye infant program! Hello Preschool!


Andrea, Mrs. said...

Hooray! And Thank Heaven for Martha!

Aunt Nicky said...

He is getting so big! Can't believe his birthday is Sunday! Wish I could be there! :( Hope he enjoys his time with Grandma and Grandpa, take lots of pics!!!