Sunday, August 31, 2008

The weekend

My weekend seemed to start way early. I had a wonderful birthday week and loved all the cards and the well wishes.

Friday afternoon I had dinner with me new bestest friend in Arizona at a place called Oreganos. It was pretty yummy and the cookie/ice cream pizza was fabulous. I also had the day off from being "mom" and spent it at lunch, lounging, making phone calls and napping. ( and also missing Bubba). Later that night Dallas was the "caregiver" of the bunch and took care of Tyler while I went on a girls night out with my friends. Holy crap what a RIOT!! We had so much fun. I laughed so freaking hard and had a wonderful time. I think we will be doing it again on the next birthday.

Saturday I tried so hard to let Dallas sleep in but he was having a insomnia night. We both decided that we needed to pick up and clean the front yard. So we fixed Ty a sandwich, put on shoes and we went out and cleaned up the yard. Ty had a blast throwing rocks, pulling weeds and helping us put the trash away. He was so freaking cute. ( and don't worry, that bucket .. was picked up later but that is Tornado Tyler for ya!!)

We cleaned the house from top to bottom, vacuumed and cleaned some toilets and headed off to dinner. I left and headed to work for the evening and Dallas took Ty home.

Sunday was a pretty laid back and calm day. I had to work this morning ( which I hate working on sunday's) but I starte the day off listening to my MoTab and some church music and came home to spend the rest of the night with the boys.

I just wanted to add one or two thoughts. I am so thankful for the oppourtunity to raise Tyler and to have Dallas in my life. Both of which I am forever greatful. I can't imagine my live with out them or with it any different. I know that I have bad days and good days and sometimes life gets hard. But I love them both very much.

Anyway, that is us!!


Jen said...

That picture of Ty is priceless! So cute!

Aunt Nicky said...

I had fun watching Tyler on the webcam. He is so cute and is growing up so fast. Miss you guys, I will have to find a time to come down since I can't come for his birthday!

Ashley said...

Looks like a nice weekend, I also love the picture of Tyler, he is a sweetheart.

CC said...

Happy Birthday (a little late). Sounds fun! :)