Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

My brother asked why I get a birthday MONTH? Well I will tell you! Because I said I did! Your birthday is shared by my anniversary so you don't get a month. ( just kidding!!) Really just cause I said I did.

And by popular demand ( OK just my mother in law) I will let you all in on my birthday list. I will expect them all come the end of the month.. (One exception is Barrett, he gets a few weeks AFTER my birthday because I was SO late. But by default. I asked for his address and never got it!)

Here is my humble and totally "doable" list:
  • A Wii with Wii fit.
  • A bike. ( I really do want one for those COLD winter days here in the ZONA!
  • A spa day, including a hair cut, massage, pedicure and nice quiet time.
  • Girls night out with all my friends
  • Girls night out with all my friends from Utah.
  • A date night with Dallas ( or a weekend)
  • A maid
And if I can't get ALL those things I guess I will "settle" for the following:
  • Some flowers
  • A cake ( chocolate of course)
  • A date with Dallas
  • A date with Tyler and Dallas
That's ALL I want. And of course the traditional DINNER where ever I want that was started by the Browns ( at least for me. I usually have to share with Ken though) And a wonderful month.

My suggestion, start shopping all you people who are biologically obligated or biologically obligated by marriage to by me stuff!! ( just kidding!)

Nah really I am happy with the last 4!

Here is to a happy birthday MONTH!


Tammy said...

Yeah, ok never know. In fact I have something in mind for all my siblings, and in-laws for a gift, but of course it is going to be late and it may not even be there until Christmas so there you go. Smile and get over the fact that I am a procrastinator.

Andrea, Mrs. said...

Happy Birthday! (Or birthday-month?) :-D

Aunt Nicky said...

how about a post on my blog like i do with everyone? that better be ok because that is all your going to get! :) guess your present is somewhere in the mail with that christmas present! :)

Ashley said...

Happy birthday, I am now wondering which of the things that you got?