Friday, August 22, 2008

It is ALMOST here!!!!

It is ALMOST my birthday. Making my Birthday month almost to a close. But tomorrow starts my official birthday week!! I went to get some movies and stuff for Dallas tonight and decided to stop off at the mail box.

Guess what was there!!!! 2 cards!! One was from the relief society and one was from my Aunt Linda.

Growing up one of the most favorite parts of my birthday was getting her card in the mail. She NEVER ever forgot. Then we got old. Some time in the last few years she has started her amazing tradition again and I was so excited to get mail from her.

Last year I was so excited to get her card that I smiled even more when it was chocolate and it was August!

Aunt Linda also NEVER forgot to call on our birthday. She never seems irritated by our semi annoying child like banter about our birthday. She always seemed interested. She called on Christmas and on important times in our lives.

She even remembers Ty's birthday and Dallas' birthday.

As we embark on this wonderful occasion of my birthday week. Please let us remember that I do not love, nor do I even remotely LIKE school supplies.

For a brief reminder go here, and to add to my *list* I could always "do" a gift card for Itunes. And remember.. cash is good!!( Or a simple card in the mail!! ) ( or comment on the good old blog)!!!!!!


Anne Bradshaw said...

I don't know you, but I enjoyed visiting your blog. Happy Birthday!

I'm a huge FHE fan and have an FHE group on the new and safe LDS Ladies Room at if you want to check it out.

I also have a book give-away contest on my blog today!

ThePreemie Experiment said...

Happy Birthday!!!


Aunt Nicky said...

gotta love the chocolate bar with the home-made label from Aunt Linda! We love aunt linda!!

Linda said...

I did learn that chocolate probably wasn't a good idea for you. So your candy should have arrived in one piece. Sorry it did't have a homemade label, couldn't remove the original label to make a new one. Hope you have a great birthday. Love ya

Nancy Brown said...

I did get it and it was in one piece and I was so excitied to get it. I showed Dallas as soon as I got home. He didn't have an Aunt linda growing up so he doesn't have the waited antciaption that i have. But he is slowly learning!

Grandma Labrum said...

I LOVE school supplies! The smell of new crayons, new pencils to sharpen, a new notebook that has never been written in. And then kids handle them...messes everything up. My job is to teach them that crayons are full of art, pencils and notebooks are full of wonderful ideas and places for all your thoughts and memories. New supplies........a new year. (From a teacher's point of view.)But I undersand where you are coming from.

Tiffini said...

I love getting cards for my birthday. I hope you have a great birthday week!!!