Sunday, August 24, 2008

A birthday wish for you!

I knowwhat you are thinking. Not another birthday post? This time I will be a little less selfish and not demand presents and birthday wishes from anyone. But I would like to wish a happy birthday to my Father in law Ken.

When I met Dallas and I had to meet his family I was so unsure that they would like me. That they would allow me to marry their son. Of course at the first meeting ( which was on Easter) I was welcomed with open arms. This is also where I met the Father of my handsome husband.

Ken is a wonderful father. He raised Dallas to be loving and caring and a hard worker. He instilled in him such love and devotion to his future bride by showing that true love and devotion to his own wife. He rasied Dallas to take care of his family and work extra hard and do what he needed to do in order to make that happen. He has been supportive as our rule in care taker of Tyler.
One of the most memorable days of my life came when I had Tyler. I had not been feeling well the whole day and when we finally went to the hospital we chose to go to Alta view ( not knowing I was in labor) so that Ken could come over and help Dallas give me a blessing. Just as Ken and Lori got there the nurse and doc told me I was in labor. Him and Dallas gave me a blessing and they stayed there waiting.

As I was wheeled in to the operating room they were there waiting. As I was wheeled out, they were waiting. He saw them helping Tyler to breathe and took pictures of him. He was there to help my dad and Dallas give Tyler the most beautiful blessing.
Ken and Tyler have always had a special grandpa bond. Tyler adores his grandpa. A few times when Ty was in the NICU and getting a shunt I would come from home or the cafeteria and find Grandpa Ken in their rocking is "littleness" and just giving him kisses. When they came to visit in January he loved that grandpa would play ball with him. I don't think Ken ever stopped smiling the whole weekend.

We were sorry we didn't get to spend you birthday with you. Know that our thoughts were with you. Soon we will have a web cam date and you can see how big he is!

Happy birthday Ken!


Jen said...

What a sweet sweet post Nancy!

Aimee said...

That's great that you have such super in-laws. I don't kow Ken, but happy birthday.

Aunt Nicky said...

Happy Birthday Ken! I have seen how supportive you have been with Nancy and Dallas. But how about we capture Tyler and keep him here?

Tiffini said...

That is so cute! I love the pictures of him and Tyler. Its so wonderful that you have great inlaws

Jen said...

Alright, I'm sending out a Happy Birthday comment on your FIL's birthday post hee hee. Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY today Nancy!!!!