Friday, August 22, 2008

Something missing

Have you ever had a time in you life when you thought something was missing? That is how I have been feeling lately. I read a few blogs and I don't know how they can say some of the things they say. I want to understand them. I want to get back to certain feelings and ideas and understanding that I was at weeks, months and some feelings even YEARS.

I have started slowing down. I have started to stop and look at what is in front of us. To enjoy Tyler and Dallas. To look at the simple things that we have. I feel like I have taken for granted so many things.

Returning to the simple things that brings happiness. That is what I want!


CrackerJacks said...

You'll get where you need to be emotionally again. I think we all go through those periods of time. Thanks for sending me your blog addy.

Little Miss Lexi said...

Hay there it is me Lex I don't know why you have not commeted on my blog latley. Well that is not just why I am puting a comment on you'r blog.I put a new post on my blog it has pics. Come see it.