Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy birthday Grandpa Warner

3 years ago ( give or take a little) I was introduced to a man that I have fondly started calling Grandpa Warner. It was his birthday this week and I wanted to share a little about this wonderful man .

Grandpa Warner is a long time resident of Utah and Arizona. Arizona is where I have become aquinted with him Though we don't spend much time in Florence or down in their neck of the woods he is always such a joy to have around.

He drove grandma Pearlene to Orangeville to our wedding. Afterwards, when dallas and I headed into Price for our wedding night extravganza we realized that they were staying in the same place we were. It was quite a kick for us.

We have had many parties at his house and have had some wonderful times. But one memory that sticks out the most is when him and grandma Warner snuck their way into the NICU ( before the rules were set of course) and had a glimpse of Tyler. It meant so much to me to have Grandpa Warner do that.

When we moved they showed us the ropes of living here. We had a dinner or 2 with them. We celebrated Thanksgiving with them. They were able to show us all of their friends. Grandpa Warner takes care of the plants and cactus in the park and he does such a wonderful job.

The memory that stands out the most. Dallas was sick and I had an ambulance taking him to the ER and a stranger watching Tyler. I made one call and Grandpa and Grandma Warner drove up to take care of Tyler. It meant more to me than they will ever know.

So here is to you Grandpa. We can't wait to see you back in the valley of the sun. Its where you belong. We love having you close hope to see you soon. In turn we also hope you had a wonderful birthday in Utah. ( we did hit 111 the day of your birthday!!)

See you soon!!

Dallas, Nancy and Tyler


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute! I know Grandma and Grandpa Warner are thrilled to have you as a Grand daugher!

Ashley said...

I also have a Grandpa Warner and he is great!!!