Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The day has arrived!!

Today was "THE DAY!" The day you have all been waiting for. That's right! It was MY BIRTHDAY! This year was one of those years where I was glad it was my birthday. I was really looking forward to it.

The day started VERY early. Like 4 am early. I would have been a little more okay with it but me and Dallas stayed up talking till like 2 am. It was a well needed talk and I loved him for it. We really needed it and he was so sweet.

I went back to sleep in the other room around 6:30 because Ty was kicking me and wanting to get down and play. Then my sweet mother in law decided it was a good idea to try and be the first person to wish me happy birthday. While she had no idea of the above mentioned activities she called around 7 am. While I heard my cell phone I purposely ignored it. But to no avail, because the house phone soon began ringing.

Dallas had all intentions to get up with Ty and let me sleep but the poor guy just couldn't do it with the 2 am bedtime. But he happily took Ty as I got ready for the day. I got Ty down for a nap and I waited for his respite worker. When Francis got here Dallas sent me on my way to start the birthday adventures.

First stop: Massage Envy, where I was treated to a wonderful relaxation massage for one hour. I laid there for about ten minutes because I was so relaxed.

From there I went window shopping around the complex. One of the stores around the complex is babies r us and I have found that Ty has officially grown out of their clothes. They go up to 48 months but the cute cardigan sets just don't fit.

Another fun store is a Christian book store where I found the perfect outfit for Dallas for Halloween, and a great Barbie for Nicky. The barbie was A God girlz ! The shirt even said " I heart Jesus"!

I then headed off to be treated to a Jamba and a foot massage and pedicure. It was wonderful and my toes look fantastic.

As I got home I saw Tyler in the drive way playing in the hose. He is so freaking cute. I got to play in the water with him and then we headed inside. There is saw my flowers. Dallas had sent me flowers with the sweetest card EVER.

We then headed off to Dinner to Texas Roadhouse where we had a wonderful steak dinner. It was delicious. I love their rolls and honey cinnamon butter. YUMMY!

We stopped of on the way home to get me a movie in which I will be watching as soon as Big Brother is over. What happens in Vegas just came out TODAY! I can't wait.

While in the movie store Tyler and I were walking down the kid section when he saw a Barney Video. He got so excited he started "talking" and he wouldn't let the case down. I told him he needed to ask Daddy. He walked ( on his own) over to his dad and signed Please. Daddy was a sucker and gave in ( it was only 99 cents). When we got home we put it in. During one of the scenes Barney gave everyone Ice cream. He went to the cupboard to get a cookie. Luckily his mom had some yummy chocolate Ice cream and we shared some while watching Barney.

It was the Perfect ending to the Perfect Day.

( Thank you to those who sent cards and gift cards. Jen T. Crystal, Mom and Dad, Chantel and Barrett, and Grandma and Grandpa Warner, and Aunt Linda)


Jen said...

WHAT a PERFECT day! Your toes look fantastic and those pics of Ty are PRICELESS! I'm so glad you had such a great day!

Lisa M. said...


Love the toes!

Chantel said...

I am glad that you had a fun day. I LOVE the picture of Tyler at the end. I am glad the card got there. We had a minor ordeal with the envelopes!

R and K said...

Happy Birthday! Glad it was such a fun-filled day. (Except the lack of sleep.)

Aunt Nicky said...

Hey, I made a whole post just for you! Doesn't that mean something! :) AND, in the picture of your toes, I just want to mention... You're curling your toes! Tyler looks so cute with ice cream all over! Glad you had a good birthday! Tylers is coming up next.. I need to know what he wants (or what he needs) so I can send them on the way! :)

Aimee said...

I love Tyler ice cream goatee--I didn't know he was shaving--they grow up so fast!
Happy birthday.

Tammy said...

O.K. so I didn't send a card and I didn't send a gift, but I am sure that you understand since I talk to you quite often.

Now you truly do have Ware feet! They are just like mom's except for the nice looking pedicure... sorry mom.

Glad you had a good day and I love the picture of Tyler at the end.