Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ordinary Miracle

Growing up my mom read us books. Lots of them. One of her favorites that she still reads to her third graders is Charlotte's web. Most everyone knows the story and when it was redone a few years ago I bought it and have watched it a few times.

Until recently it was just a nice story. But I was listening to the song on it. I think it is on the original but I am not sure. For some reason it was like I had heard it before. Like I had dejavu or something.

The story is of a little pig. The runt. He is taken in and loved and cared for by a girl. The pig goes away to live down the street only to find that he is destined to be made into Christmas dinner. Hoping for something to come along and make him spectacular he finds a friend. His friend is a spider. Her name is Charlotte. Charlotte goes about doing extraordinary things for her ordinary friend. In turn her extra ordinary events save his life. In doing so she still loses hers. She finishes her destiny of extra ordinary things for her friend and passes on. Wilbur is saved from Christmas dinner and becomes a miracle. An extra ordinary pig.

So why did this strike a cord? One because I am related to the "Wares" and cry over everything. And 2, because I thought of what has been going on around me for the last 3 years.

I have learned that the words to that song are more true than I will ever know.

First ordinary miracle in our life was Kayden. He was born what we thought of as a healthy little full term little guy. But found several wees later he was VERY sick. Although him being sick didn't make him extra ordinary. What made him extra ordianary was the extra ordinary little gift given by a simple person doing something great. By someone... more amazingly, a grieving mother she offered a extra ordinary thing to him. She offered her daughters organs to save his life. She became a hero to a family and Kayden became the everyday ordinary miracle.

Just over a year ago Little Noah was born. Again a full term healthy kid, but soon as he was turning blue they realized something was wrong. Whisked off to the NICU they found his little heart was not healthy and here started the ordinary miracle of this little boy. Although to his sister he was just Noah to the rest of us he was a special little blessing. On 7-7-07 he was given that extra ordinary gift by a grieving mother. A heart. A heart that would keep on beating. Causing a family to forever be indebted to their selfless act.

In our own life I have often wondered what would have been if our lives were not torn upside down and changed forever on that fateful day of September 21st. I think often of what if's and if only's only to be show the perfection of my everyday ordinary miracle.

The ordinary miracle of him sitting on his own, crawling a million miles and hour, and those amazing first steps. Although they were not as expected they were still there. Those words of "just take him home and love him" echo in my mind and I think of course we will. We will always love him.

Just like Charolotte selflessly gave to Wilbur so many sacrifices have selflessly been given to my little Man. Becuase we took him home, loved him and did all we could to help him he has become that Ordinary Miracle. The everyday, common place, walking ordinary miracle.

The many faces of my ordinary miracle.

Press play on the sidebar of my blog for the song Ordinary miracle.


Aunt Nicky said...

that was so good! I have heard that song before too but I can't put my finger on it! You are right, we have seen miracles! My 2 nephews are proof that miracles do happen! And Baby Noah, he is a miracle too! I loved that video! Ty is growing up so much! BTW, You still need to send me the pic of me and Ty from when you guys came to Utah

slcharger said...

That song defiantly applies to your son and mine. They are ordinary miracles that are extra ordinary to us. I love your slide show and how articulately you express yourself. We are lucky to have these little guys in our lives. I love how well the song sinks with the video. Erica

Tammy said...

Lexi loved this, and so did I. Lexi wanted me to tell you about her blog it is at: She even has a post on there alread.