Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sharing the Love!! an award

My sister ( in law) has started and award in honor of her son Noah who received a heart transplant on 7-7-07. He just turned one. He is a cute little guy. Crystal recently awarded my blog the Share the love award and now I am ready to send it on its way.

I wanted to take my time to share the love and send it to people who make my day. In turn I challenge them to make this a meaningful award to those they give it to.

First person I want to give it to is Ashley. I have known Ashley for a LONG time. Like 16 or 17 years. Her dad was my dentist until I moved away to college. I might of even known her longer than 16 years. We weren't "hang out buddies" but we have recently been able to connect by reading each others blogs. I find her one of the nicest and most caring people. She always leaves a comment and she brightens up my day. She is so sincere. She is an amazing mother and wonderful wife. She is helping her husband get through law school. She is also absolutely Gorgeous!!

Next... Steph! She was my BEST BEST BEST friend in High school. We have had so many fun memories that some would just make everyone laugh if we shared them. We had a great time. After my mission we started talking and especially recently I have been able to talk to her whenever I have needed her. She is one of the people who know me best and understand me the most. I don't think I would have survived high school without her.

Amy: Amy is so sweet. Again she is one that I have reunited from High school and have read about her family and fun. She looks amazing after having 2 kids and I have huge jealousy!! She is a great mom and has some great ideas for keeping the kids entertained. She has a 2 year old that she chases constantly and I am amazed at all she has accomplished.

Tammy: I have found a friend in a sister. We have HUGE ups and downs but she is a great friend. She has had a huge trial the last few years and hope that their new endeavor helps them find what they are looking for.

Kim: Kim married my cousin Rob. I didn't know her well but I have been reading her blog and I have a deep respect for this girl. She is so sweet to Robert and to my Aunt and Uncle. She has had a few trials that I didn't know about till recently and have found her attitude amazing. She is a hero in her own aspect and I hope her motherhood comes about one way or another. What a great amazing women.

Miss Lyndsay! She is so funny. I can't even tell you how funny this girl is. She got her law degree and her hubby is currently in med school. Her blog makes me laugh so hard. Go read.. HUGE laugh.

Nicky.. My little sister. She use to come up and sit with Ty so many times I lost count. She has done the Unthinkable. While I was recovering from my horrible c section I needed to have a few people change the bandages. Now.. Everyone was around while I pumped every few hours. And she was willing to change the bandages on my horrific, sick, disgusting wound seeing MORE than any sister would or SHOULD ever see. She has taken care of my baby so many times.

Jenn. She is a mom of a preemie and someone I have known before babies. She struggles with depression and anxiety and several other things. I want her to know she is NOT alone and that I am always here for her.

Anyone who reads this: Share the love. There are so many things that you can do for someone else that makes them feel loved. Lately I have really had a rough time and sometimes just a few words of encouragement or a few moments to truly ask how things are and being willing to listen goes a long way.

Go visit these wonderful women and find out why I shared the love. You never know, you might just be next!

To get the code please visit Crystal at memoirsofamomblog.com


KiMnRoB said...

Thank you SO much! That was the sweetest comment ever! I will definitely take this award and share it!

Aimee said...

Thanks for the award Nancy. I'm so computer illiterate I don't even know how to take it and share it, but I'll figure it out!

Lyndsay said...

Aw, I'm so flattered! Thanks, Nancy!

Ashley said...


That made my whole day, I am not sure how I missed this post or the one about the dentist. Thanks so much!!! I am hoping to see you at the reunion.

Ashley said...

I also wanted to thank you for commenting on the memory tag, that was fun for me to read. I really appreciated you coming to my reception, I still have a picture of you and your parents on that bridge as you came in. That meant a lot to me to have you there.