Tuesday, June 24, 2008

With preschool on the horizon ( we start in September) I am terrified to go and find out that we are horribly "delayed." While it doesn't shock me at all that he is delayed we tend to only notice the obvious delays when it comes down to everyday things. This is NOT to say that we focus on his delays but sometimes they are way more obvious and sometimes it is bothersome.

So I found this checklist. While I HATE these and always have even in my classes, it did give me a good idea of where we might stand ( I hope!)

15-30 months
Does your baby point or ask for things she wants? Yes
Does your baby help with dressing by putting his arm in the sleeve of a shirt? Yes and if you are lucky he will start taking it off and even takes off his "bum" ( aka diaper)
Does your baby say any words besides "Mama" or "Dada"? um Kinda. He still doesn't really say words ( one skill we "notice")
Does your baby point to familiar objects when you name them? Yes, especially big purple dinosaurs
Does your baby scribble on paper using crayons or pencils? walls and sidewalks too!
Does your baby walk by herself? um define "self" ( one we obviously notice. But he does use his walker and does walk on his own)

Does your child drink from a cup and use a spoon? Cup if I let him spoon sometimes but yes
Does your child say words to tell you what he wants? he uses gestures because he doesn't talk yet
Does your child like to put things in and take things out of containers? All day
Does your child like to look at books and turn pages by herself? yes

Does your child imitate housework? yes
Does your child kick a large ball? He doesn't really stand up fully on his own but with us holding his hands he can kick.
Does your child ask for items by name? since he can't talk no.
Does your child recognize familiar pictures-knows if it's upside down? Yep

2 year old stuff:

Does your child turn the pages of a book, one at a time? yep
Does your child wash and dry her hands? yep
Has your child begun to ask to go to the bathroom? I wish
Does your child sometimes use 3 word sentences (like "I want cookie")? um no talking
Does your child use pronouns like "I", "you", and "me"? He uses me but just points to "me" when asked
Can your child jump from a bottom step? not alone.
By 36 months old (3 years old):
Does your child walk up stairs? He can get up and down stairs with no help
Does your child stand momentarily on one foot? yes.. flamingo
Does your child ride a tricycle? um no
Does your child feed himself? finger foods and tries with a spoon and fork. Mom doesn't want to clean it up so I guess we should work on that
Does your child verbalize toilet needs? um no but can "wipe" his own bum

We have a few No's but remembering that Ty should be 3 in December and not September I would say we are doing OK!

Good vibes for mom as we transition... Maybe my therapist wants to see me again!

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