Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a weekend

We had a VERY eventful weekend. In fact so eventful we were REALLY glad it as over.

I had the weekend off because I always get stuck managing the front end with not enough people and no help. So I decided that a month ago I would request it off. So a three day weekend to spend with the boys was what I got.

Friday I ran an errand to get Ty's meds and a it few other things including dinner from Apple bee's ( it was my turn to cook) I couldn't get everything in so I put D's wallet in the dinner bag. It was garbage night and it was D's turn so I told him I would help get out the rest of the trash and he did the kitchen. Well he threw away the apple bees bag. (We wouldn't find out till Saturday that his wallet was still in it.)

Saturday we went to run errands. All of which included needing D's wallet. And we couldn't find it. That was when we realized the above mention issue. So calmly "I" ( yes you read that right ME ) made a plan to get at least some money. The bank is open till 7 so a debit card was made. He ordered a new license and he is getting a new Social security card ( which i have asked him NOT to have in his wallet.) He wasn't feeling well after dinner so me and Tyler had him lay down and we ran over to walmart. We picked up 2 wallets for him to choose from, got a soda and some fountain drinks. So me and Ty were coming in the house and the drink holder broke. The soda's went all over the floor in the kitchen. I put all the towels in the house to clean it up.

Sunday went well and I got a nap in. We went out to my FAVORITE restaurant and waited forever. Ty was getting VERY impatient so I took him outside to climb all over the jeep. As D came out a couple told us that an old couple had run into the jeep. Yep. you read right. The jeep is now scratched. Well someone had written down the license plate number and so we were able to call the police. Arizona is a little different though. They only come out if there is a certain amount of damage. But when they ran the plates it was written down wrong and so we have NOTHING.

The night was pretty much over by that time. We got Ty in bed and I watched a chick flick while D worked.

On a good note our Speech therapist gave us a weighted blanket. We tried it for 2 days now and it has worked. I might need to get with Granny and see if she can help me sew one into one of his blankets that he already has. Surprisingly it is made from pennies. Pretty cool huh!

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Ashley said...

Sounds like a crazy weekend, I hope that the week goes more smoothly.