Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am domestic

Yep and pigs fly, and you can buy ocean front property in Arizona, and the grand canyon is just a little thing and the list goes on and on!!!!!

I posted on my other blog about a domestic disaster a week or so ago and so I thought I would try again. No I didn't burn breadsticks again but I did burn a quesadilla. I was trying something new. Well new for us. And I burned the first one. Stuck the second one in the microwave and tried again. And the second try worked and so did the third. YAY for me!

Now I am waiting to get my first batch of cookies out of the oven. Lets see how it works. I am trying.

Don't you think food always tastes better when mom cooks it. Any mom. My mom makes amazing fried chicken. I always ask for it when I visit. Dallas mom makes yummy lasagna. Moms also have better "stuff" to cook on. My mom has a great pan for cookies. I have the flimsy cheap ones from walmart. ( I did find one like my moms today and I bought it)

Anyone that is my ramblings!!

I am trying to be domestic. Send me easy stuff and I will try it.

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Andrea, MPA, JD, MRS said...

I recently stumbled across this site and signed up for their "What's for Dinner" newsletter. They email me a new recipe every day. Pretty much all of the recipes are really easy--and it's a good resource to have. http://food.ivillage.com/ (Down at the bottom of the left-hand column.) Check it out.