Sunday, March 2, 2008


Yesterday we took the "short" 53 mile drive to Avondale. Avondale is THROUGH and on the OTHER SIDE of Phoenix. It took about an hour. It was pretty pleasant but not what I wanted to do. We found the location of the lot pretty fast and had no problem getting there.

After talking to the Service guy we got the key to my car and we decided to get on our way. Dallas had the seat in the car so he took Ty. While heading toward the entrance on the freeway I decided to keep going until the air conditioner got cool since that was part of the reason for taking it in. I drove up about 4 lights and the air was not getting any cooler. So, I headed back. Dallas called me and I told him I was headed back because it was not cooler. Him and Tyler had all ready gotten off the freeway and was waiting in a parking lot close to the dealer. So they met me there.

I got out of my car and went up to the above mentioned service guy. I told him that it didn't work. That I was not going to take home something that was suppose to be fixed. Service guy was very busy and very upset that the air didn't work. He said I could "take it home and bring it back at my convience." I said are you kidding. I have a disabled child that gets pukey when he gets hot. The response. " we have a disabled person working here on cars obviously and his name is ( insert name I don't remember.) I don't remember his name because I almost died. My mouth dropped open and the guy looked at me and he said "oh nothing against you son!" I was like HOLY COW.. My KID IS NOT RETARDED. He can't walk and pukes when it is hot... What an insult. I was then livid as the guy walked away from me. I walked into the creepy manager and told him that I was horribly insulted and they haven't done their job.

He tries to arrange for a rental car ( since that is what the warranty calls for) and he proceeds to get them AFTER they had closed. So no rental car. He said he couldn't do anything. He said to give him 15 minutes to see how long it would take to get my car in and running or to get a used car available for me to drive home to come back at "my convinience" during the week.

We went to lunch and came back. They were able to get the car done that day. They told us it would take them about an hour. I decided to wait. It was done in the time frame. While I was waiting the creepy manager who was standing just a little to close, came back in and said it was done. He offered me a free oil change. I said are you kidding me. I wouldn't drive to Avondale for a oil change. That was the dumbest thing I had ever heard. He then volunteered to fill my car up the rest of the way.

While he was out I got "wind" ( OK a sales person told me) that the general manager of the place was there that day. I went over and told him of the problem with what had happened and that I was appalled that they would treat a warranty customer that way and that they would treat a "person" that way. I also told him of the insult that was made. I was LIVID!!( the hour just made me mad.. didn't chill me out!)

The manager said at that point that if something happened to my car he would tow it to and from at their expense and that he would be sending us a gift card to us to our favorite restaurant. I should have told him about the super duper expensive BUT YUMMY restaurant in Scottsdale we love.. but only came up with Red lobster.

So, we are getting a dinner to Red Lobster. My AC works. And I don't have to drive BACK to Avondale. If it doesn't work I don't have to pay to get it back..or drive to Avondale again.


Jen said...

OH MY GOSH! They would've got an ear full from me! I'm glad you gave them a piece of your mind and stood up for yourself. I can't believe they treated you like that! Man, I would've been so freaking livid! I'm glad you got things finally figured out (thanks to the general manager) and you'll enjoy Red Lobster on them! You deserve that yummy super expensive restaurant though after what you went through!

Leeann said...

What the hell was his point? That they are so "evolved" that they hired a disabled person? What a moron.