Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The joy's of Motherhood!!

With all the complaining and the moaning and groaning I wanted to share the joys of MY Motherhood.

As most of you know Ty is a horrible sleeper. When he is up for the day he is up. We put him down for his nap at the same time EVERYDAY!! He has done well on this schedule and we work around his schedule not the other way around.

Unfortunately, as any mom knows, sleeping in is a luxury we once remembered, no longer get, but LONG for. I woke up when Ty did and traded Dallas. ( For some unknown reason Dallas gets left alone in the morning by Ty.. MOM.. nope) I went and slept in the office and Dallas stayed with Ty. He can open and close doors and he somehow smashed his fingers. He was crying and he wouldn't stop. I went and got my pillows and laid on the floor while he watched Barney. Well, he played for a little bit and then would lay down next to me. That is one of my Favorite things of being a mom. He did something he NEVER does and he feel asleep. Dallas captured it on camera for me. ( in case you can't tell I am the BIG lump next to bubba!!)

He didn't take a nap the rest of the day but he gave me a Mom moment!! I LOVE cuddling with Tyler. A great mom moment.

I have had the Joy of being home full time for the last week and a half and have spent a little of it sleeping. ( Thank you Dallas and Francis!) I feel well rested and have enjoyed the time I have had to spend with Tyler and Dallas. A lot of it has been cleaning and doing "mom" stuff but the fun stuff gets stuck in there as well!!

Every Monday we attend the infant program for the Foundation for blind children. This week we got Ty to do another craft. It was his first attempt since the "Valentine" incident. This week involved paint and beads. He loved it!! He thinks the paint is my hair gel that he puts in his hair. He got it on his hair ( it was green and red), his glasses, his forehead and me!! But he was happy. After the foundation we stopped and got everyone lunch and he enjoyed being dirty and a little soda. What a JOY! He was beaming.

Unfortunately, Monday's are bad nap days. He usually will take on but yesterday was a "no nap" day. He was beat. Temper tantrum after temper tantrum but nothing takes away from the love Ty has for his dad. Watching both of them makes me smile EVERYDAY! It is truly a joy of my motherhood!

Today I had some appointments to attend to and I was not feeling the greatest. In fact, I felt horrible. I laid down right after I got home but it was short lived. I had a wash cloth over my eyes wishing that the night was over and that they day was at an end. As soon as I laid down the phone rang and the doorbell rang. It was one of Tyler's therapists. As the mom I got up to attend the appointment. ( Ty had respite but I do his appointments) He did so well and he made everyone smile. He always makes me smile. We then headed outside. Where he had spent most of the day. We went out to paint. Yep.. Painting is his new thing. He LOVES to get in the mess. He had so much fun and was such a mess. Oh, The joy of motherhood!!

Now we can see why he gets it in his hair HUH~~ But man he sure has fun. He played with the paint and he played with Bubbles and he played with rocks. He is such a boy!!! His smile makes my Joy every day.

And at the end of the night after his bath and the night is done, he is my JOY!!!


Aimee said...

What a cute family you have! Tyler looks so much like his dad! I honestly can't believe you had a baby at 21 weeks and he survived, what a strong little guy! He's a cutie pie, I'll be checking in often.

Jen said...

I just cracked up at the paint and thinking it was hair gel! Ty is so dang cute!!! Sorry I missed your chat tonight :(

Beth Schellhous said...

Nancy... your style of narrative cracks me up! I love the way you tell your stories. And it's fun to catch up on your busy family.

Kellars Mommy said...

Have you gotten Ty any of the bath crayons? If he loves painting and coloring those are great, and hey he's already in the water and it washes right off..Kellar LOVES his, in fact as soon as we walk in the bathroom he heads straight for the tub...

Leeann said...

I am freaking jealous that it is MARCH and he is outside in a diaper!