Monday, February 25, 2008

Avondale? Are you kidding me!!!!

In July Before we left Salt Lake we had bought a new car. We were doing it for the warranty reason. We..... NO I have horrible luck with cars and I always have a crappy one. We bought a Suzuki Forenza. Not a HOT car but a good car with a decent warranty.

Fast forward.. It has LOW miles and I am pretty much the only person to drive it. Well, last week the check engine light went on and we went and got diagnostic testing on it and it tends to idle high so it is needing some adjusting. Then a few days later we realized the air conditioner isn't working. I realize most of you are still in the midst of winter but here gets a little warm. So we need it fixed before the real heat gets in. Then there are the 2 recalls that we have to get fixed.

I get online to check where the closest dealership is. Well..... AVONDALE. That is past freaking Phoenix. It takes an hour in NO traffic to get there. I have no idea how long it will take to fix what wrong with my car, not to mention the fact that they may need to order parts. Oh and the above mentioned light isn't exactly the safest feeling. So I call the main corporate number, Nope the website is right. No closer place. These are my only options.. dang warranty and free service.

So there is my vent. I am so mad. If there was no warranty it wouldn't matter to me.. but dang it.. its free.


Jen said...

That totally stinks!!! I'm so sorry!!

Leeann said...

That sucks! We are about to bring our van in for a recall, too! The airbag sensor on the passenger side has issues, apparently. Oh, the joy of fixing something that cost me $20,000 to begin with!!!!