Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What a rush of a week.

I feel like I haven't updated in forever. So here it all is.

Life is going good. Lots better than last week. I have needed and wanted some time alone. We have had to set up boundaries for ourselves and those who are wanting to be involved with our family. In turn we have had to stop a few relationships for the time being.

I started counseling last week and it is helping a lot. Not to mention the rush of hormones is almost over and a new set of happy pills to help me not have my crazy mood swings. ( all hormone induced I swear)

Dallas is doing well and very happy right now. It is almost his birthday and he has gotten everything he wanted for his birthday. He is great. He also surprised me with a new phone and a new scrapbook thing I was coveting at walmart called a cricut.

Ty is doing great. He has a new respite worker and she has been great for both of us. She has entertained my kid while I cleaned and slept last week. We also have been working hard at stacking blocks and he did it tonight. He was such a champ. We laugh at him constantly. we still haven't gotten his EEG scheduled but soon and we are still waiting on the walker. We hope it comes so. He needs a sense of Independence that the right walker can do!!

Well, its late. I need sleep. Grandma and grandpa Brown will be here this weekend. we c ant' wait to see them.


Kellars Mommy said...

You *sound* much better in your post..I need to start on Kellars scrapbook, well from 1 yr on, but sheesh finding time to sit down and do it is what's holding me back..

Jen said...

Awesome! Grandparent's are coming to visit! You sound very happy and like you are doing well! I'm glad you got that cool scrapbooking thing from Wal-mart, FUN! I hope Tyler gets his walker soon as well! :)

Leeann said...

You are doing better...yay! And you got a Cricut? Wow. Feel the jealousy seeping from my fingertips.