Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The time I needed....

I haven't given up on this blogging thing. By popular request I am back!!!

Things have been super busy and I haven't had a chance to give people a dose of Tyler. So I guess I am back. Here is a update for you all.


This last weekend was his birthday. He was able to get all he wanted. He got a gun, a new monitor, and an apple TV ( he got it awhile ago but it was for his birthday) He took a concealed weapons class and he had a wonderful time. He had a great birthday and it was awesome to spend time with his parents.


Things are going well. Me and Dallas treated ourselves to a much coveted camera. It is a cannon rebel ( digital) and we upgraded the lens and it takes amazing pictures. ( and I will show you a few that I took) He also surprised me with a cricut scrapbook thing. It has been kinda fun to use it and figure out how it all works. I am super excited.

I am still in therapy and have enjoyed having my respite worker around to help out. I go in tomorrow for an ultrasound on my ovaries. I have not been feeling well at all this month and don't think that the shots are working. In fact I am typing this after a dose of Loratab and naproxen wishing my ovaries would like me for just a few moments.


He is as cute as they come. He has added another word to his vocabulary. ( He had been saying dad but decided to stop and hasn't done it since) He has added "bubba" to it. In fact, says "no no Bubba" when we ask him to say no no. Which means he hears those words ALOT!!! He is signing and picking things up quickly. He still loves outside and would stay out there all day if he could.

We are still waiting on his walker. Seems we had a hang up last week. They didn't have his order in like we thought. So now we are waiting for the denial of our primary insurance and the approval from the secondary. It has been a longer process than I would have liked but we are waiting.

Ty has to be recasted for his AFO's. He pulls out of them and it doesn't help his toe walking if he pulls out so the first part of Feb. we will be casting him again. That totally bites but Dad is going to go with us.

Ty has been the subject of my affection and my pictures the last few days and he is a perfect candidate for them. I will show you a few at the end..

Now for the visit:

Thursday morning we got to the airport just as Nana and popi were getting off the plane. ( literally.... we were almost late) we took them home and showed them around our beautiful Casa and Ty took a nap. We went to Arizona mill( an outlet mall that is HUGE) to see if we could get some good deals for Ty and any other child in need of amazing deal clothes. Found a few things but nothing earth shattering. ( sorry Noah and Lily)

We then headed to Dallas' birthday dinner. He wanted sushi. We have visited the restaurant a few times that we went to but that night our service sucked. Half the order didn't come and the appetizers came after our meal. It was a mess but still super yummy. Came home and got Ty in Bed. Nana rocked Ty to sleep. I think she was in heaven.

Friday was Dallas' Birthday and he took his dad to the shooting range. He was able to get a machine gun rental for free because it was his birthday. They came home happy and well de-stressed. We then headed to the Chandler mall. We got a free 8x10 picture of Ty taken and we gave it to Popi to take home. He seemed to think that was pretty cool. He seemed to enjoy that free "purchase." I got a new dress and grandma was able to see the over priced Arizona flip flops. She refrained herself from devouring a 80 dollar pair of overpriced flip flops by me promising to try and make her some from the bedazzled bling kits you can get!!

That night Nana and Popi offered to sit for us while we went to the movies and dinner. We went to Untraceable and then to a fifties style diner for dinner. We just sat and talked and had a wonderful time. Ty was a perfect angel and went right to sleep for his grandparents.

Saturday we spent the afternoon at the swap meet here in Mesa. Grandma and Grandpa Warner came up from Florence and we had a BBQ after our three hours at the swap meet. Dallas did a wonderful job of cooking and it was so yummy. Everyone loved it and he did a wonderful job.

Sunday we had a lazy day and just spent the time here at home. I had to run to church and got to wear my new dress. Dallas and his parents stayed here and got things ready to go. I went back to work that day but was so glad to see my two boys there to visit me.

So that was the reason for my lack of blogging. I needed some time to myself and I had a house full of people. It was a much needed break and my house is clean.( thank you Lori for the help while you were here)

We were so glad to have them here and we are so glad to have you all in our lives. We sure missed the rest of the crew and I sure can't wait to have them here or us go there.

Here are some shots I took this weekend.

Ty and his grandpa ( Popi) playing ball. Pretty sure grandpa was in heaven!!
I sure am in LOVE with that face.

This one is for Aunt Crystal. He got big!!


Kellars Mommy said...

I'm sure you are going to fall in love with your camera even more the more you play with it..Joey got me the cannon 30d and I love it, there is still so much for me to learn in using it!!! Sounds like your "break" was a blast..

Jenny Jingles said...

awwwe! He's so huge! I want to hold him and kiss him! You guys should come up here sometime in spring so we can do family pictures.

Crys said...

These pictures make my heart ache for Mr. Big Boy Tyler!! I wish we could have come visit too!

The Preemie Experiment said...

Love the pics Nancy!!

And, I am so incredibly jealous that you got a cricut! I wish we lived closer so I could play with it too.



Jen said...

I LOVE ALL the pictures!!!! Tyler is so dang cute!!!

Leeann said...

Wow! What beautiful pictures that camera takes! My hubby is wanting to upgrade ours by the end of the year...I'll have to remember this one.