Saturday, November 14, 2015

October in a Rush

October was the longest month but fastest month. It was INSANE. The first thing we have to do is look for a costume. So we headed to the "red store" aka Target. The Halloween store was not up and going this year. So we did the best we could.

We tried on Hot dogs, pizza, bananas, gorilla's  and weird gross stuff.

The costumes were FUNNY. Ty looks great in pepperoni but he said that it was not the costume for him. Grayson tried on a shark and a banana and there than laughing we were so over it. We went home that night and looked up what they REALLY wanted to be and order them online. 

Growing up we had plastic masks and stuff. Nothing like these fancy pants stuff now. Ours were hideous. And mostly homemade. It was pretty awesome. We had great places to go trick or treating. It is just different in the big city. 

So the boys became Flash and Optimus Prime!

But before we went out and did all of our fun Halloween stuff, we attended some pretty cool things.

One day at Scouts, Tyler was invited to go to the Fire station that is on the airport runway. So we got to see PLANES and Fire fighters. Grayson was beyond thrilled. So I took them to go!

The fire truck for the airplanes were HUGE and Grayson LOVED every singe part. Tyler was getting pretty tired so he was slow moving 

And then as the nights have worn on, we ha seen him doing all the things he is learning at therapy. He can finally sit on the floor on his belly with no problems. He was getting super tired so after 3 hours he was getting restless but LOOK at him on his belly. 

We took out some nasty days by taking a time out in a cloud and by feeling loved by our worker.

And our dad got in on the costume play this year. It didn't let long because he was falling out of the dressing it was a bi breeze halloween night. 

But before Halloween we had our big WALK!! That is coming up next!

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