Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Irrational Fear

One of the most common PTSD symptom is this strange Irrational fears. Ones that have happened, you replay and your fears are easily understood. But other ones are just strange.

One irrational fear I have is that Tyler will just not wake up. You know, not that he isn't taking such a load of meds that it "could" happen. A fear that his bus will have an accident. He will be unable to get home because of some irrational thought.

But an irrational thought of driving down the freeway and being shot, it was on the list... and now, it isn't such a irrational thought..

Check this out!

No longer IRRATIONAL!! Wanna know why? We drive i-10 every Tuesday and Friday. We get on the 51, around 24th street. We also drive home during rush hour and sometimes we aren't patient enough to go the LONG way.


A freaking Sniper who sucks at shooting!
Just our luck!

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