Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some Random Photos-

There is so much we want to catch up on and share with you our cute kids. There is also a few more controversial things that I want to get working on so here are the mundane journal type things that will reminds us of all the awesome stuff we did! Here are the photos- With explanations!!!
After Long days with this little dude, we sometimes go get our dinner and fixings for our dinner and even some YUMMY chocolate muffins and then spend a good portion of the hour back with the fish. Some day I will buy him a Beta. But till then, he can enjoy the dead frogs that were in the gross tanks. I guess walmart isn't in the running for an aquarium award. 
Dollar store crafts are where it is at. We went and bought 10 bucks worth of stuff to do from the dollar store.  Grayson did a great job painting with the WORST paint in the world. He loved it. A good 40 minute activity that didn't cost us a fortune! 
Because of our low iron problems, we keep looking for stuff Grayson will eat that have even a small amount of iron in it. However, he has a problem eating food and is really picky. But he has decided that blue is his favorite color. I managed to remember how to flavor/color  the eggs and he LOVES them so it looks like blue eggs for a few weeks.
We are no longer taking naps. So when we leave, he falls asleep as fast as he can. Usually it doesn't last long and sometimes it is SO needed that we MAKE ourselves  fall asleep. HE is SOO hard when he is tired. And this is how we find him when we get home. 
I might have encouraged my child to have a crush on my appliances. The detergent smells so yummy, the machine runs like a charm and WOW. I am in love. And he is in Love too!

Grayson gets Iron when we can get it down him. We can trick him for a few tries but as soon as he swallows the tricked iron he starts vomiting and vomits the rest of the night. I hate vomit. So we spend the night on the couch with Betty our Barf Bucket and he is miserable. 
Cerebral palsy is not a nice condition. It hurts. All of these showed up in one day. It was just bad. I hope and pray for a day that it will go away. 
Grayson and I find the strangest things. We are sitting in the parking lot at the store watching a dump truck and a fire truck. 35 minutes we waited. 
This is our stake county fair for Church. It was HUGE and crazy and the boys LOVED this little train. We will be finding one for Halloween at the pumpkin patch for sure.

My tat debut. Sometimes a mom will go to extreme measures for just a little piece and quiet.

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