Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apple Does it Again

It is no secret that we are an Apple family. In 2007 the world changed when the iPhone was announced. People may think that it is kind of a cliche' statement, but for people with disabilities a whole new world was opened up.


From Autism to blindness, this company has reached into their lives and simplified them in one way or another. When they opened the app store to developers without having the grueling approval process, the options were endless and affordable. 

For us, Tyler has limited movement in his arms, fingers and legs. So playing video games is not happening. Neither is writing. So since the iPad came out, their are plenty of apps for handicapped children and other accessories, make it so that Tyler can write and trace using his finger and use his fine motor skills to do what he can't do otherwise. 

Tyler does have games, I would be lying if I said it was strictly for educational purposes. He finds apps on his own. He works to earn money to buy apps if I refuse to purchase them. Sometimes it takes him weeks. Sometimes I just say no. But he finds what he wants. 


Today the new Apple watch was announced. I rolled my eyes and thought DUMB! Then I listened to a brief ( very brief) stint of what it had to offer on 2 or 3 features. But what stole my heart. The maps! 

So get this, Google Maps will work on this watch. It will give you walking directions to where ever you want to go. Since Google maps is on the ground and has photos it can tell you when you need to turn left or right etc. But the BIGGEST: They are 2 different types of vibration. Do you have ANY idea what that means????!!!!!!!!!
A legally blind boy/man/teen/executive has made it to the big apple for a job interview, a vacation or whatever. Has the desire to walk around the city. This person has very sense going nuts with sounds, smells and visually bombarded by times square. So he puts in that he wants to go to Central park. He gets a vibration on his arm where his watch is telling him what direction to take off too. It uses 2 different vibrations. One for left and a different for left!! One last thing on his mind where he can now use his cane and other adaptive pieces of life to LIVE!!! 

I guess the answer for why I like Apple.....

It allows my son to live. To live like any other little boy. To love games on the iPad, ( since he can't play them on a gaming console) to loving books on the kindle because they enlarge as he reads the words. To Parking Mobility apps where they tell us where the closest parking spot is to events. AND gives you a way to turn in those illegal parked. 
I have high hopes that apple will make even more devices that will open the world up even more for our special kids. Maybe next... a computer driven car! 

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