Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oh Grayson!!!

Grayson is my little devil child that I couldn't live without. There is so many things that make me pull my hair out, and other things that I just can't imagine living one day without seeing or hearing. He is the perfect addition to our family and the best forever brother to Tyler.

Grayson is still connected to the umbilical cord. He spends all his waking time with me and MOST of his sleeping time with me too! I secrectly love my snuggles and waking up to him saying " Momma I need a cuddle." I never say no!!

I am sleeping at the bottom of my bed,opposite direction than normal. My view. #babyfeet

Tyler AND Grayson spend an awful lot of time in my bed. I don't mind. But if they have to be in here because of a seizure, Grayson minds. He gets so worried about Tyler that he lays right on top of him.

Grayson LOVES babies. LOVES them. He carries around some sort of sock monkey with us and he is well taken care of.

#baby came to the #pharmacy

Waiting his turn at the fishing hole. Notice "baby" has #sharpie on him. #heismine #toddler #library

Grays gets into the worst trouble. And he doesn't even know how much I want to spank him, but LOVE his cute face to much.

This is why I can't shower #twoyearsold #terror
He is the most fabulous Artist. Never has a child ever been so GENIUS as this one!!

This is what happens when mom takes a trip to the bathroom #naked and drawn on.

And the love of transportation is amazing!! We play trains, we watch trains, we scream at cars that go by!

This kid is serious about #transportation #trains outside. #trains on the table #cars on tv

And really, we just love that little smile to pieces.

Comfy toddler. When do they stop being a toddler? But the doctor said no more milk. #graysongram #lovehim #bottlenegone

When someone asks him what is wrong with Tyler he tells them that " Tyler has Cerebral palsy, but he can do it, just like us."

He is amazing! He is funny, He is sweet and cute and just right for us.

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