Monday, May 20, 2013

PAC - Just for Fun

I have really liked photography for a long time. When we lived in Arizona before I thought I was rocking the camera, and I took a few really cute photos. Other than a few paid shoots and lots of fun friends who will ask me to take their photos, it hasn’t really gone any where. In Utah I learned a better and more professional way of editing photos and did a few more friends and family. I was able to learn a lot and once again, find that I really, really liked it.

It became an expensive hobby. One that Dallas indulged me in. He upgraded my camera, bought me new lenses. Let me rent new lenses. And I played with new software. He was great to let me have a really expensive hobby.

When we moved, I wanted to do more down here in Arizona, but lacked the confidence that I needed to make a go of it. I still take photos. I have a few shoots every few weeks. I have to work around a husband who works insane hours sometimes, and no sitters on other times and just being a mom in general. But I do like it.

When I moved to Arizona I joined a group called The photographers Adventure Club ( PAC). I found it on and joined the “premier” group and have met some amazing people. I have also found that I still really like taking pictures and the more I go to the PAC, the more I learn. I have also met some amazing photographers and even join in on the fun. I DO NOT like Google+ but I get to use it for the PAC and have started really looking forward to the things they offer and the weekly themes and the new learning experiences.

My first few photos and the learning process:

I thought this was such a stellar photo! Seriously. I did. I loved it. Now I see that my editing was REALLY bad. Note to others. Free sites on the Internet have their place and purpose. But learn different more advanced programs. I promise you won’t hate me.

Tyler and his Gpa!

Some where pretty decent. But by all means, I was really bad

Sheena and Tyler

I did the crazy eye coloring.... People, DO NOT DO THIS. It makes your kid look like an alien


And vignetting should be...subtle. Ha! NO really. This is BAD!

A few would come out as good enough to be on my wall, But most are still here.... in cyber world


And the family I took yesterday, but this was a LONG LONG time ago!! And we will see where the PAC has gotten me.

* so sorry amy. these were terrible!*

Then I started getting some really good shots. Like these:




And a wedding or two!


And then some great, families!



Some great candids were taken



Then I had a baby and thought I was doing even better than before.



Learned a bit more about big families. But not enough. Oh so not enough


Learned about new families and cold weather.


And now to joining the PAC :









Back to the family I took when I was just young.


I am so glad to see my work evolving.

 So for all those looking to better your skills come join us at the PAC. We are on Facebook and on G+
We have activities. Shooting lessons, shooting locations and awesome activities with models and people who want to help you learn to be a better photographer.

Thanks PAC and especially thanks to Alex Baird Photography for always being willing to answer all my photography needs and to humor me in my love of Epiphany!


Nicholas Pappagallo Jr said...

Nancy it has been a pleasure getting to know you and see you grow through PAC! Thank you for being a Part of PAC! :-)

Joy said...

Such beautiful work! Thanks for sharing your art. -Joy