Friday, August 17, 2012

“ We are calling....."

School is once again back in session. ( duh!!) What it REALLY means is that I must have my cell phone with me *in case* something or someone calls. With the school and the district not having everything from Utah, I am on the phone with someone for something almost every day. It isn’t a huge deal, I don’t mind and I get to talk about Tyler and how awesome he is!

Today, I didn’t have my phone with me and SURPRISE!!!!!!!! A phone call. The school nurse called. I  spent a half hour with her the other morning so that we could get Ty’s rescue meds ( for his seizure) and we went through a few things that we were talking about. So the call was a little weird.

I called her back. Apparently at some point in the afternoon Tyler had a accident at school. While this is not uncommon ( Yep, judge way, poor kid can’t feel the bottom part of his body so  oh well!) The nurse was told that it was “loose” and that it was definitely “poopies” and that he can’t stay at school if he has “poopies” AND a fever, so Ty was sent to the nurses office to have his temperature taken. He was fine, which I expected, and even said that he would like to go back to school and play with his friends.  He nicely told the nurse that he was “All better, and thank you for making him feel better!” In which she swooned and sent him on his way.

She called me to talk about his bowels. Yep, I got to spend 25 minutes talking about consistency and  frequency and why it would be “poopy” were the topic of our amazing conversation.

THAT is how you know you have a special needs kiddo. When you have to explain the poopies are normal for him, that he doesn’t know that he is going and that because he is who he is, we just change his bum and get a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!

Turns out that Ty is just fine.  Turns out the new school lunch diet has a lot of extra wheat in it and we give him a lot more fruit. Nothing big.

Just another day in the disability world.

No biggie

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Mrs. Labrum said...

I chuckled when I read something (can't quote because I can't scroll back and see) about extra wheat and more he will have more poopies and 'nothing big'.....I'm sure you didn't mean what I started to picture...but it was funny that way..Nothing big, just a bit loose. Some of those school conversations can be really funny when you step back to look at them, can't they? I can just see that written into a Jim Carey movie. I'm sure it isn't always funny, but for some reason tonight I just chuckled thinking of Tyler giving the nurse a hug and telling her thanks for making him all better. He is so funny! *BTY, those letters to write to prove I'm not a robot...they are so hard to read! And sorry it says I am Mrs. Labrum but I'm not going back and changing my email address to sign into my other account that says GRANDMA!