Sunday, August 12, 2012

First week of school

Ty had such an amazing first week of school. I was so proud of him ( and me!) for sticking out each day. I really thought that we would have major anxiety or issues that made it so he would have to come home but he did SUPER! ( Why does this not surprise me!?)

Because we registered him like the DAY before school started I really wasn’t sure they would let him go. We didn’t have all the immunization stuff that he needed and the most important, an IEP. I had repeatedly called Utah and the school district but no one could find it. Magically, after yelling a little bit, it was found but only a copy. The rest of his records are still “Missing.”

We only sent one home lunch with him and he did eat it. Well most of it. He didn’t mind the sandwhich and tomorrow we will be packing another and hoping he eats it as well. When I asked him what he liked in his lunch he told me “ Cake!?” So I guess the ding dong(s) *yes I threw in 2 in case my poor baby was STARVING* were a hit.

On Friday his teacher was back. ( Why they would send a special needs teacher out of the classroom for the first week of school is beyond me?) When I picked him up, she said that the aides were mentioning that he wasn’t very picky at lunch that day and kept taking other peoples lunch. I about died. I guess he won’t starve at school. No other behavior issues were reported. Over all, he came home happy and ready to be left alone for an hour. We have had to move dinner up to 5 instead of 6 and he does get to watch his Ipad at night for a few hours ( if he chooses to say his prayers, if he chooses not to, then no ipad and off to sleep he goes.)

Huge answers to prayers when he did really well this week. Today was a little rough and we still have HUGE power struggles at night. I have a hard time making him go hungry when he pipes up that he is hungry at 9 when it is time to turn off the lights. But we are glad we made the move.

Some of the extra perks of a new school:

  1. There are only 10 kids total in his new class. 
  2. He is required to be in the “regular” class 3 hours a day. He attends there for PE, Library, reading and one other time. The rest he is in his classroom, and if he does have anxiety they work with him to stay in class. 
  3. The school is VERY close to our house. Though it is not the neighborhood school, he is about 3 miles away. Right now I go and get him until transportation is figured out, but I don’t mind. 
  4.  He loves it. 
He is having a great time. Huge, positive thoughts from this mom for a wonderful year overall!


Melissa said...

Yay.... her's to hoping for a really good school year for all these special kiddos! SO glad you were able to get him to school even though things weren't all in place yet. And just think.... no driving in the snow for you anymore:)

Mrs. Labrum said...

It is amazing what kids will do when their parents aren't there! We see it all the time. Parents warn us about this or that and it never happens. The reverse is also true. We tell them their child does such-and-such and they tell us they never do that at home. Go figure! Tyler will do great in school. Not surprised about records not there yet. They will eventually be found.