Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It is never hard to be Tyler’s mom.

It isn’t hard to be Grayson’s mom.

But it is hard.

Sometimes the hard stuff is the meltdowns. The times when nothing I do or say can convince Tyler that everything is going to be OK. Nothing will change that he is scared, nothing will change that he is overloaded and just can’t handle what we are doing.

Nothing changes that plans get canceled because we can’t cope. Nothing changes that we fall down.

But sometimes, we just have to decide that we can get up, strap on the boots a SMUDGE tighter ( or put on our big girl panties) and go on.

Nothing matters but having that extra little bit of patience when we all need it most and to remember that No matter what, there is someone in our corner.

Sometimes that means letting a tear or two fall.....


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