Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Round# 999933467289

We are super struggling in the health department over in this joint.  We have all picked up a nasty. disgusting, breathing, life sucking germ. It started around D's birthday and hit all of us with in a few days. Tyler even just laid around the house. I got it. I can't do anything about it since I nurse so my medication is VERY limited. Grays seemed to be holding up pretty dang good. Till Friday. We noticed the boogies. He was looked at when we took in Tyler and deemed to have a cold. But after screaming for 2 nights and a fever I took him to the insta care early this morning so I could run to my appointment to see if I can't get better without buying more stock in poise.

The damage : Grayson has RSV ( but is not horrible sick with the respiratory.. just LOADS of gunk and a ear infection on his left side. He does well with the antibiotics and is doing great on Advil. Sleeps awesome when I hold him. And frankly. I feel like poo so there isn't much else going on in this house.

I had a blood draw and I have low iron and extremely low thyroid so we are doing some mix ups to see if I can't feel a little better.

Tyler needs to get off Keppra. Like badly. He is so bad with anxiety and meltdowns. So we are on the quest to see the next best thing to get our Tyler back

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Chantel said...

I am so sorry that you are still sick :( I hope EVERYONE gets feeling better soon!