Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Dentist visit ( A few weeks ago!)

Handy Manny has a neighbor named Mr. Lopart. Mr. Lopart owns and runs a candy store with his cat Fluffy. He is an overweight, balding man who is always trying hard to be the cute Mexican handy man but fails miserably. It shocked us when, after watching an episode, that Tyler called himself Mr. Lopart. But you see, Mr. Lopart hurt his tooth one episode and needed to go to the dentist. And so the name was born and Tyler's need to go to the dentist was born.

In December we had an appointment to see the dentist. You see, Tyler -the Professor- the Mr. Lopart- The handy Manny- the Winnie the pooh- the parrot- the boy REALLY wanted to go so we made the appointment. He got sick. We had to cancel. I put it off until i was sick of hearing it and made it.

The day came. He was excited about it. He was fine with going and was even fine with the idea that he was going to see the dentist. He was happy as he walked in and then slowly a tear formed as the "lady" came to talk to him and count and brush his teeth. His sweet lip quivered and 2 tears rolled down his cheeks.

The "lady" just sat and talked with us and we got a little more comfortable with "lady" and waited until the dentist actually came. While we were talking Ty kept saying thank you Dentist Lady. He thought she was the dentist. He would tell her something and say " Right dentist Girl."

The dentist caused a small meltdown but overall Ty did pretty decent. He had no cavities that they could see and his teeth looked good.

We survived the trip to the dentist....


angel shrout said...

Tell Ty there are lots of grown ups * like me) who aren't real fond of the dentist either. I am proud that he did well and no cavities woot woot

Emmy Summers said...

Your little Tyler reminds me a lot of my nephew Brad. He has such an impressionable mind that it is unbelievable. One time he saw his cousin brushing his teeth and he wanted to try it out. What can I say, it is never too early to teach a child the value of regular brushing. :)

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Isabel Phelps said...

It’s great that he got through it relatively fine, except for that meltdown when the dentist came out. I think it would be great if he saw more educational shows that feature friendly dentists and how they do things, so he won’t be spooked on his next visit. Anyway, thank you for sharing your story with us. Take care!

Isabel Phelps @ Buckhead Dentist