Saturday, February 18, 2012

Phenol Injections

Geesh, lets just say I am behind and totally out of order. Tough on you!

After our seizure we had some major doubts on continuing with our original plan of a baclofen trial. We made another appointment, talked and scheduled another round of phenol. The trial will still happen just not now and just not sure when.

Phenol this time was not at Shriners. We have always done it at Shriner's but our current insurance is amazing for Tyler so we went with going to a closer hospital and one that I prefer over any other. I was especially thankful that Dallas was going to be there with us. We couldn't find anyone to take Grays so another hand was very nice.

This time instead of doing any versed they listened to us and we did a totally different type of procedure. In fact, it was so much easier that Tyler wanted to walk out and we had VERY limited tears. We only had tears of wanting to be all done.

We went in to be weighed and talk to the doc. She took us down to another room and the anesthesiologist was in there and was not expecting us. But we were there, we took off Ty's socks and shoes and showed her where there was some concerns on his toes and the anesthesiologist told him he was going to wear a mask and Ty cried, got the mask, and I was right there the whole time ( so was Grays and D too!) Ty was quickly out and we left. He had his shots and we went back to get him.

We had a drink for him, we got some crackers and he as his polite self when he told the nurse to please take his owie's off and he was all done.

They ask that you keep them out of school for a day and he spent the afternoon being Tyler. ( The bad and sad Tyler, not the fun happy Tyler) A few days after we went back to PT. We have seen very limited success this time around.

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