Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To move, or not to move

Since we brought Baby Grayson home it seems we have been in a state of chaos mode. I had him, had a million kids dropped off, had to go save a sister and then a sister moved in. TOTAL CHAOS. My house has been filled to the top and yet it is a disaster that isn't cleaning itself.

In the midst of this chaos Dallas and I decided we wanted to get out of Utah. Fast and for good. We looked at houses, he booked job interviews. He flew down and interviewed and looked at houses. Only one was decent. The job interview went great. He came home to Chaos. it was REALLY hard for us.

Emotionally I am not myself right now and haven't had a chance to be better since having Grayson. We haven't been able to be a four family and learn where we stand with a 4 family.

After lots of tears and sadness and wants we are staying. ( After last night I have NO idea why I agreed) Ok I do. Ty loves his cousins. He wants to be by them. So we are staying for his sake.

The job offer was great. It was nice. It was more than we expected. Long term care is amazing there. We have friends and family ( part time) but I guess we need to be here. I guess only time will tell.


smc3282 said...

Nancy I love you and I know how hard it's been. I pray that things calm down and you can be happy here. Ok for kinda selfish reasons ;) but truly, you deserve time with your little family and to learn a routine for you guys and what works. People need to back off and not expect you to do things you shouldn't have to just because you're nice.

Chantel said...

Here are a few of my thoughts in no order :)
1.Sorry life is crazy. :( I felt that way after I had Morgan (granted we only had 1) She was born, Barrett graduated, we moved, we both started school...It was wild!

2.You are welcome to move, you just have to leave Ty here :) I would offer to take Gray's but we may have a hunger issue after a while!

3. If you ever need help, please let me know. I am afraid I would only bring MORE chaos but I am here!