Sunday, September 11, 2011

Aunt Nicky and a bunch of stuff

This past 2 weeks has been insane. My goal with the new school year was to get myself going, get to the gym and lose some weight. It started off slow but it has picked up really well. I can no longer have cookies in my house. But otherwise, we can go to the gym at night, Thanks to Aunt Nicky.

A tragic event landed Aunt Nicky at our door step where we offered her a safe, rent free location to live in for a few months. Our bonus is a Aunt who loves babies and love being called Poo Poo by a innocent and highly sneaky little man. This has allowed D and I a chance to get started at the gym together for a few days a week and Nicky gets alone time with my kid. Nicky should be able to hope in on the opposite days and I can go with her to work out too.

But really, life events landed her at my door and we opened up our house to her and squeezed her in. She has been great and we hope she continuous or starts to feel welcome and know that we love her and will do what we can to help.

That is what family does.

Welcome Nicky Poo......

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