Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The EC fair

Now that Grayson had graced our household and Grandma and Grandpa Labrum had helped us so much over the summer that we would pay them a small visit. G and G LOVE having their grandkids down. They have such a love for their kids and grandkids that they can't wait to show them off. It worked well for Grayson, since he is a little needy. But most of all Ty LOVES it.
While dad was off to New York we did a few things with some of his cousins and he asked EVERYDAY after that if we could do it again. Finally, I told him about going to G and G's and that we could go to a parade and go fishing. He changed from asking about his cousins to asking if we were going to go to Grandma's house.
Saturday bright and early we headed up to Salt Lake to pick up and Nicky. She had a bad week and we needed a extra person to help us. She could use a little "hometown" stuff. So we took off.
We got there just in time for the parade to start. We were able to sit by my favorite kiddo's ( The Labrums) and my mom was able to enjoy the shade and a baby. Ty was able to enjoy the parade with Grandpa.
Ty was in heaven. He had so much fun. The parade is a typical small town one and he was spoiled ROTTEN with candy and stuff being thrown at him. He loved the girls and one float had a basketball hoop on the back. He stared walking down the street after them saying " Wait for me."
After the parade was over we headed down to the lamb fry and the park festivities. This year was an off year from the Castle Valley Pageant so the fair wasn't as busy with out of town people. I saw a lot of people from High School and people that I was able to reconnect with because of Facebook! While we were eating the Lamb a friend from Indiana/Orangeville walked by. I was so excited to see her. Her son had a stroke at birth or before birth, no one knows for sure. But he has some trials to overcome. His mom has been SUCH a huge support. Her husband was such a nice guy and her little dude is awesome. He is doing so well. It was nice to see her.
Soon after we headed home. My mom's sister came up with my cousin to see Mr. Grayson and Ty. It meant so much to me to have them make the effort. It meant more than I can even express. My Aunt Ruanne makes me laugh too. I am thankful they came. (Plus it is my Aunt Ruanne's birthday....) My grandma came up for a bit as well and she was hilarious. I miss her and it was great to see her there too. (Hopefully my moms other sisters will be able to see the baby. One lives up here and one lives in the EC but comes up often.. so I am sure I can give them directions :))
After they all left Tyler had his Dream come true and he got to go to a REAL hardware store. He called it Kelly's hardware store. I tried to explain that it was REALLY Pats hardware store but that pat wasn't really a hammer and it didn't make any sense to him!
We got a REALLY cool spider man pole that had a red fish on it. The handle lit up when it was cast. Ty had the best OT skills going on. He was able to reel in the red fish all on his own. He would catch red gooey fish over and over and be just as excited as the first.
Sadly the pole broke so Grandpa was going to take it back to the hardware store and get it fixed. Ty is super excited to get the working one back!
Over all we ( as in NOT me... and not Tyler) did catch 2 fish. One was Nicky's size and one was by Grandpa. Me and my mom hung out and she held a baby and I helped cast Ty's pole out. We were there for several hours and headed on home.
We drove home Sunday morning and enjoyed the rest of the day with our dad and a nice dinner that Dallas made. Did I mention he did housework :)
* Grandpa called this morning and was able to return and exchange said Pole. Ty might not get to play with it until he starts going on the potty. *
*And yep.. I am still fat. Enjoy that... Probably won't change but I have high hopes that it will.*


Mrs. Labrum said...

It was a fun day!

~NICKY~ said...

Aunt Nicky is the BEST ever to bring her camera..

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