Monday, May 9, 2011


What an INSANE week. After the Spastic clinic and Baby Isaac coming I really wanted a calm and collected week. Nothing ever goes as planned. At the end of the week, after 8 months of waiting and many phone calls, reorders and mean words to insurance companies and IHC people we became the owners of a NEW Swifty stroller.

After talking to the wheel chair shop every day this week the Secretary finally talked Shane ( the wheel chair dude) into letting us get it before all the accessories are in. I was SO thankful. I really, really needed it. Ty and I had a full day planned on Saturday where it would be impossible to do without a stroller. I couldn't have been happier to get it.

When Ty got in to try it out he said "Wow. I fit." Promptly got out and went to play. We used it on our outing and it was wonderful.

Today while it was raining, we used it to get into Shriner's.

I couldn't be more thankful.

* The cost of the stroller is HUGE. Though we find it wonderful and amazing it came with a price tag of about 4 grand. Insurance does NOT cover it all. *


Looking for Blue Sky said...

So glad you got this - I sometimes feel I am a lone voice when I promote the use of strollers for outings instead of wheelchairs. Especially in Ireland where it rains, a lot :)

Shannon said...

Looks nice - so glad you finally got it. I have no doubt Ty will do great with it. I'm not familiar with this one at all, but it looks nice and light and compact. Ours is about 40lbs and a bear to get in and out of our van many times a day.