Tuesday, May 10, 2011

27 weeks- A week late

Since we are in our 28th week I realized I didn't do our appointment from last week. I told you life was crazy!

I had an appointment in Payson at my OB for 27 weeks. I guess we were suppose to do our second glucose test. I had one at 16 weeks along with a 24 hour urine to make sure that *if* I developed pre eclampsia that we would have a great baseline to go back to. I was hoping that everyone would forget that I needed another one at 28 weeks. But nope. They didn't forget. I will have the test next week at my next OB appointment and then in 2 weeks after that we start Non stress tests at the perinatologist.

This week we went over pre term labor signs ( haha.. not kidding) and we talked about more progesterone, shots, steroids and what would happen if we had a baby this week. As each week I breathe a little deeper knowing that we will and would have a healthy baby ( or a healthier baby) than we did before.

Grayson sounds great, he is measuring right on. He is not head down and they don't care. It gives us a little less pressure on my cervix and we are having a c section, so no big deal. We also talked a little about an amnio in a few weeks. We are also down to having appointments every 2 weeks ( which we have NEVER had before!)

Overall I feel really good. Something about that terb shot seemed to kick me into feeling really good. Other than the moving in my tummy and random barfing I feel pretty much normal. I LOVE feeling him move, kick, shake.. EVERYTHING. Yep... some of it hurts but I LOVE it. I couldn't ask for a pregnancy like this.

Hooray for a third trimester............FINALLY


singedwingangel said...

Woot woot home stretch momma

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Yayers! Ive been scared to say anything for fear of jinxing something.. So this means you are 28ish weeks now? Congrats congrats!!!! You are almost more pregnant than Ive ever been!

Miracles Happen said...

Kourt!! It is so true. We are 28 weeks and 2-3 days. One more week and I have passed you up!!