Thursday, January 27, 2011

"You have a problem"

Today was one of those long lost days where I have to get up and get going days. You know, the ones from a LONG time ago, when it was WARM! I have gotten all the appointments in my head all messed up and on the wrong days and times.

We made our appointment for this weeks appointment with Dr. A for Monday the 24th. They had me down for the 25th and D asked that I change it. So I went this morning at 9:30. Our OB is in Payson. Which is about 45 minutes from our house. So Ty got on the bus, I got in the shower and off I went.

After my appointment I stopped in to see D and decided since Ty was our other appointment that a trip to "Burger king" was in order and I went to school to get him.

Oh how my heart melted. Apparently he is the class commentator during A.P.E and when it is another kids turn Ty cheers " you can do it * insert name* Kick the ball" and if the *name* didn't get it then he says " oh no you miss a ded the ball.. try again *name*."

He is always happy for them to be able to do the task that is asked. When I got there he normally would have left his spot and sat on my lap but he is growing up and doesn't want to leave his friends.

Ty's appointment was with the dreaded sleep doc. She is a great doc and has just allowed us to keep using the meds that we are using. But she asked we come in this time for the refill. I HATE going to her office. I feel like half the time, out of desperation, I am the problem to his sleep issues.

He goes to bed at a set time ( unless Nicky is here and then that is just messed up) but he falls asleep in his own bed with usually no issues. Some days we will have a hard time getting him to stay asleep and he drags his mickey mouse bed stuff into our room and asks his dad if he can please sleep with the daddy and offers a peace offering kiss. When that happens we let him fall asleep in here and then take him back.

He also wakes up during the night in which he doesn't just turn over and go back to sleep. He gets up. He walks into my room and out of desperation to not have him STAY awake at 3 am I put him in bed with us.This generally sends me to the bigger bed or Ty's bed for sleep the rest of the night. Ty will come find me when he is done in my bed.

In general, when he sleeps with me he sleeps WAY late. Like 8 am. For him that is HUGE. It seems the only time he sleeps really good is when he plays all day with the "kids" or his Grandpa. But 9 out of 10 sleeps he is with me or Dallas. As we were going over his issues she asked if we felt that some of them were behavior. In which I answered probably.

If he starts talking and asking for movies or activities then he is up for the day. If I can get him to not talk first thing by just putting him in my bed then we gain about 2 hours of sleep. So in desperation he is in my bed. Sleep Doc answer: Seems you have a problem.

I laughed. I am the ONLY one not fully sedated in this house. His dad has the worst insomnia ever. His mom.. sleeps any where at any given time. Since I am pregnant the sleeping issue is the cause to a lot of morning sickness days. If I don't get enough sleep and am tired. Watch out toilet bowl.

So solution. There isn't one. She said "I hope your new kid gets your sleeping issues and not the dads. Good luck." Offered to refill his script, said call her if we need anything see ya in a year.

Yep, I have a problem. He sleeps in my bed.

What do others do with their hard to sleep husbands and kids?

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singedwingangel said...

Try Melatonin for the hubby.. it will help I promise