Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ordering a stroller

A little over a month ago we opted to go ahead and order a stroller and use our insurance for it. We had debated over using insurance for a bunch of reasons but the biggest is that they won't cover any OTHER durable medical equipment in the next 5 years. We don't know what equipment we will need. We do know that we need new braces and it counts as durable equipment. It is like you have to pick which one you can't afford and go for it!

We had decided a long time ago ( like a year or more) that we really needed one. We have kept him in his infant stroller/travel system for 5 years. I would say that was doing really well. We have many( stay tuned for that one!) new reasons to get him into a bigger one that will help me carry him.

We got everything started and the IHC monopoly.. I mean wheelchair shop was looking to see if they had any year end models that they could just "give" us but they were fresh out. In order to get the stroller there is a TON of paper work. It has taken over a month and we have yet to actually order it.

Today his physical therapist called and said the one we wanted another mom had and is hard to open. Tomorrow I am calling the mom and seeing if I can see how hard it is to open. I don't want to go through the hassle of ordering it if it isn't going to work.

What is hard is that we are limited in options. Tyler doesn't need a ton of support and all the stroller are designed with MASSIVE support. They have nothing that isn't a wheelchair. It is so frustrating to be on the look out AGAIN!

If anyone has any experience with Stroller and wheelchair hunting, PLEASE let us know.

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The Henrys said...

What stroller are you looking at? Gracie doesn't need a lot of support either, but she needs a stroller for when we will be walking a lot, like the mall or zoo. We have the Easy Jazz from Thomashilfen. It is an awesome stroller, but it has to be taken apart for folding. We are looking for a new one too, and I would love to get the Swifty from Thomashilfen, but Gracie is 20 pounds away from the weight limit and this thing is supposed to last for 7 years.
Insurance is ridiculous with all of their paper work and requirements. They make it impossible to actually get what your child needs. Good luck!