Monday, November 15, 2010

A thanks month continued


6. I am thankful for speech services. Oh how I love that Tyler woke up talking one day. Through tears and years of speech something clicked somewhere. As fast as he talks sometimes he had a lot of built up things to say.

But the sweetest sound is the sweet prayers he says and the times we FINALLY get to hear " I love you."

7. Tyler's "team." Working with others to give him the best possible chance. I don't mind being the momma bear in the meetings and in the doctors offices. He deserves the world. As his mom I plan on providing it!

8. A warm house. OK in real life my mom will say its freezing but I am thankful for a place to live. We love, love love our ward. They are amazing. I love our neighbors. I don't think I could ever make it through the roller coaster without Laura and Maria. I love that they love Tyler and help him participate in primary.

9. Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse. They keep Tyler's mother sane. Oh and we can't forget Rocket. Days like today when Ty is up at 3 am, they are defiantly something I can be thankful for. I am glad they come on a lot through the early early mornings and that we have a DVR to help us out!

10. A smile. I love that Tyler wakes up with a smile 99 percent of the time. Only recently have we seen any kind of change but he is overall, a pretty good natured kid. He is friendly when he can be and he is very sensitive to those around him. He is a sweet sweet kid.

* Wed. is prematurity awareness day. Please, if you blog or facebook, put up a status about prematurity. Every baby deserves its nine months.. NO MATTER what!*

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Monica said...

I am so hoping to have a speech miracle for Tabs like you have had. It really gives me hope that he started talking, even after years of fruitless therapy and coaxing.

Tabitha is vocalizing so much more after her tonsils came out, she actually mimicked the tone and vowel sounds of a couple of words the other day.

Gotta love those prayers and "I love you's"