Thursday, November 4, 2010

Da Monkey make a mess.....

Tyler says the funniest things sometimes. He takes and thinks of everything literally. It is funny. He also started answering real questions and not just repeating things.

Yesterday he was having a little bit to much fun upstairs in my bedroom. We have tried to allow him to explore in any way that is possible. He turned over a clothes basket and has used it as a step stool for a while to get onto our bed. I was doing some house work and he was just going up and down on the bed.


He found his pet monkey. He played no no monkeys jumping on the bed for a long time. After a few minutes we heard a crash. Dallas went up to see what was going on. All I was told was I might not want to go up there.. ( think hormonal induced crabby pants.)

Ty came downstairs and D asked him what happened and Ty answer " Da monkey make a mess" and turned around and left.

He was right the "monkey" dumped everything of my nightstand and onto the floor and lots of other stuff was ALL over.

Poor monkey needed a time out!!

Oh. Ty's phenol is wearing off. He is in need of some new shots and some casts. Because we are at the end of our shots he falls... A LOT. There are a few other things that they have suggested but that rant will have to wait. It is really a LONG one. But anyway, he took a spill and whacked his head. The bruise is what was on his head. He has about 4 on his butt and a ton on his little legs. Poor Kid.



Cynthia said...

I love the blameshifting to the monkey! Classic! Sorry about the ouchies- that has to be so frustrating for everyone.

Diana said...

That is so sweet in its own way! I love that you are finally getting that glimpse into what he is thinking about because he can put it into words now! :) Bumps and bruises are no fun, but luckily they're temporary. ;)