Friday, October 1, 2010

Well Child Check

My baby has graduated to be a well CHILD and not a well BABY. Where has the time gone. I can't believe he is 5! I had his appointment just a few days after his birthday. I was not looking forward to taking him because I knew he needed some shots. I had "delayed" them, not because I didn't agree with the shots or I was worried he would get sick but because I didn't want to deal with him and the shots.

But, I love his pediatrician and love her Nurse. Plus we hadn't been in for a really long time. They hasn't seen that Tyler could talk. ( They are on my facebook but when you hear he is talking, until you HEAR it, it is hard to believe.)

And the BIG reason. I do not/did not want to hear that Tyler was to little. So I was crossing my fingers that we were not to little and that he wouldn't scream through the whole thing.

Off we went. Ty was really good. He walked the whole way. When we got there they asked what his name was and he answered "My Tywer." Then the nurse came out. He nicely stood up for the weighing and then put Mickey Mouse down for his weight. We couldn't get a blood pressure because that caused MASSIVE meltdown.

As we went through the list from last well "baby" Tyler has really come a long way. She asked Tyler if he knew his shapes and he told her all of the shapes and the alphabet and then showed her he could jump.

The good news was short lived and we really had to discuss his weight problem. I am glad he is not overweight, but really I cannot get this kid to eat enough to gain weight. He is picky, he won't eat even if he is hungry if he doesn't like the food. He won't drink milk so carnation is out of the question. We do EVERYTHING we can short of a tube.

He is so stinking little. He is in the 1 percentile for weight and 3 percentile for height. So he is short and skinny. The concern they have is that he is WAY skinny. Like think little weight lifter. All you can see is his muscles because there is NO fat on his little body. You can count his ribs and see his shunt tubing. He has dropped 4 pounds since July.

So Ty gets to be on weight watch AGAIN! The good thing we didn't have to go on search for the flu shot and we have officially gotten all of our shots. We need to see all of our specialists( think 6!! Lucky us!!) in the next 6 months and schedule another round of phenol and some casting and a CT scan. We are hoping now that Ty is talking the eye exam will be somewhat better. Might not be as traumatic as it generally is. (We still get followed every 3 months.) Oh and we can't forget the dentist.


Cynthia said...

Each struggle has a blessing. I JUST read a post from another FB friend who wonders if her 3 yo daughter will ever be physically able to speak. I should refer her to your blog. Tara of Kidz (I read her TMI blog but she has another one called Kidz for parents of special needs children) is such a sweetheart. You should 'meet' her. I'll try and find a link to the Kidz blog.

Cynthia said...

Tammy said...

So what is their plan for him to gain weight if you can't get him to eat?

I get to threaten Kayden that Cindy will get really mad if he doesn't eat.

Grandma Labrum said...

If he keeps losing weight they might put in the tube just so he gets the calories he needs to continue. At some point, calories are necessary. Better to watch him and plan on doing something so he doesn't literally waste away. He can't keep losing forever so you have to get a plan on how low will he get before something is done. And it doesn't matter if he yells or gets upset. Eventually you have to do something to help him out, even if he doesn't like it. He might be upset, but for his own life you have to do what you have to do.