Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mummy Family

I decided that I wanted to keep adding some of the crafts I have been doing on this blog. I do the crafts as my way to get out some stress energy. Lets face it.. Our life is sort of stressful by itself. Then if you add anything else. Well, I need an outlet. Usually I have some added stress and doing and fixing something nice for my house is a good way to get the anger and stress out.

A few weeks ago I went in search of another craft and ran across a mummy made out of a larger piece of wood. A 5x12 ply wood type plaque. I thought " I could do that with some of my left over wood." I had some 2x4 pieces of wood for another craft and I didn't like it and went in a different direction. It was painted purple and I had another "craft gone bad" and it was green.

I decided to do a little family. A mom, dad and "baby" mummy. I bought some super SUPER cheap gauze at the dollar store so I didn't waste my Super Band-aid brand gauze. In order to get the 2x4's white I did have to use a primer on some of them. Most just had some MAJOR coats of white paint.

I stretched out the gauze and I added the eyes at the end. I tried painting them on and it didn't really work out like I liked. So I used pumpkin stem stickers from Ty's foam pumpkin sets that I got at Hobby Lobby.

I will add a few more "how to do it" pictures when I have better light. But there you have it. A mummy mom and baby with a naked Dad.

The Girl Creative

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Chantel said...

They look super cute!