Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where do you sleep?

After Ty was well enough to be on his own after surgery we started putting him back in his room. Then he started sleeping in there, THROUGH the night. He wouldn't come in here when he woke up for the day. Leaving his sweet mother to sleep through the night too.

So for almost 3 weeks we have all had great sleep ( except for Dallas) and our wake up has been around 7:30 or 8 and it seems to just work for now. When days are a little more crabby I go ahead and stick a nap in around 11 or 1 and work with the crabby pants as needed through the day. We haven't needed many naps this week but he has been playing with friends MUCH more through out the day so he does come in a bit tired.

Well 3 nights this week Ty has come into our room to sleep. The first night I had been out of the house and Dallas said Ty came down the stairs and didn't want to go to his bed. The next night he made it to our bed he had wet his pants and he had gotten wet and I took them off and he just fell asleep on my pillow leaving me to deal with pee bed. And last night he went to Dallas and he was put in the middle of both of us. I had no idea he was there until I was getting constant back pushes.

So it seems he was sleeping great, Dallas was gone a few night, and we tend to have him go to sleep later in the night. It feels like musical beds.

I would dare say not many of us in this house has really slept THAT great.

BUT we are planning a camping trip for next week. I am actually excited to take my boys camping in the REAL mountains. Better get our fishing licenses.

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