Sunday, July 18, 2010

Funny things OUR kid SAYS!! ( yes says!)

In the blogging world I am surprised at all the moms that blog the funny things kids say. I was always a bit *gaggy* unless I really liked the kids and then it was funny. I was mostly gaggy cause Ty wasn't talking.


Not a bit.

Not even a LITTLE bit.

Somewhere in the last six months we have had an EXPLOSION of sounds. That explosion of sounds have the gone into WORDS. Like TANGIBLE words.

Thanks to his Aunt Nicky he even picked up Poo Poo and his Aunt Maegan is getting a run for her money in the toot department.. Oh and the BURPING.. oh my!

Now that we repeat words like toot, poopoo and ewww. Some funny stuff comes out.

A conversation on our bed while getting Ty ready to go to sleep.
Mommy: Oh No Tyler Dad stole your blanket
Tyler: oh no. No No poo poo
Dad: I am not poo poo
Tyler: eww poo poo
eww poo poo went on for a few minutes

Then Tyler would say mom is pretty poo poo... and we laugh.
A whole conversation around poo is pretty good for a non verbal kiddo.

I am not sure we can even call him non verbal anymore. It seems you just have to listen. He will tell you what he wants.

So for tonight.... good night Poo Poo

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