Sunday, June 27, 2010

Reasons why I like Phenol

As most of you know Tyler gets Phenol injections to help his spastic or tight muscles. We saw a huge change from serial casting and injections to this point. We were " looking forward" to having them done again. Of course, as much as you can look forward to a "surgery" and 2 casts on a 4 year old... RIGHT~

We had made the decision to go ahead and do all of his stuff at once. Our Dr. Rehab decided she wasn't "prepared" ( don't EVEN get me started on "prepared" stuff.) So we didn't get casts. I was TICKED. But now that we are almost a week post op I am kind of glad we didn't.

Of course we MIGHT end up casting him but we MIGHT not and see how things go.

But I wanted to share some of the reasons we like the injections and what they change for Tyler
  1. He can lay on his tummy. While this may seem such a small thing, he can't do it flat with out the injections. He doesn't have that ability. He takes advantage when he can and we find him slithering around all over the place.
  2. He sleeps on his tummy. He is at such ease with his body that he sleeps on his tummy.
  3. He is more steady on his feet. He doesn't fall as much and he has longer endurance.
  4. He tries more things.
  5. He can move more normally
  6. I can carry him on my hips and have his legs separate
  7. He lets me change his diaper because he isn't flexing his muscles constantly.
  8. He seems in less pain over all
The last one is the best of all. We have tried to do all we can to have him be comfortable. He is spoiled rotten and pretty much gets what he wants. We know that. We want him to have and do all the things he can so we give him whatever he will and can do.

I am a HUGE fan of the phenol. I am sad when it wears off. Until we have to look at another option I think we will see phenol coming up again around Christmas.


Looking for Blue Sky said...

I was never offered Phenol for Smiley. We've done botox, baclofen and surgery (most effective, sadly). Can you quantify how effective it was - ie has the OT measured the difference?

Preemie Miracle said...

Not in numbers. What we did see was an increase in EVERY bit of goals at his school including speech. BUT nothing happened till we did phenol. Plus I think as we watched him we saw the difference. Guess time will tell.